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 "With over 30-years of hands-on experience in the flooring industry and a commitment to consumer advocacy since 1998, my goal is to help homeowners choose wisely, avoid scams and have a successful, stress-free carpet buying experience." Alan Fletcher


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Carpet Foot-Traffic Test

Carpet Comparison

How to Select the Right Carpet Grade

What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?

How to Choose the Best Carpeting?

How to Choose the Right Carpet?

Carpet Buying Guide

Unbiased Carpet Information and Buying Guide



Recommended Carpet Stores

Best & Worst Places to Buy Carpet

Best Local Carpet Stores Near Me?

The Best and Worst Places to Buy New Carpet

Should I Buy Carpet from Lowe's, Home Depot, Empire or Costco?

Best Carpet Stores Near Me

Why I Only Recommend Locally-Owned Carpet Stores



Carpet Manufacturer Warranties Explained

Carpet Stain Warranties Explained



How to Locate Carpet Specifications

Carpet Specifications

Carpet Fibers - Soft Nylon and Denier Explained

Carpet Fibers 

Carpet Fibers vs Carpet Durability

Best Carpet Specifications

Understanding Carpet Specifications



Types of Carpet Padding

Moisture-Barrier Pad Explained

Padding Cost, Options and Upgrades

Best Carpet and Padding for Stairs

Carpet and Padding Price Chart

Specialty Pads and Upgrades

Padding Upgrade Extends Carpet Warranty



How to find a Qualified Carpet Installer

How to Verify a Contractor's License

Carpet Installation Cost Fees and Charges

Best Carpet Choice and Qualified Installation

Carpet Installer Questionnaire PDF



Free Printable Forms, Charts, Checklists and Guides

Carpet Discount Coupon - (Up to $100 off New Carpet)

Carpet Shopping Form

Carpet Installation Get-Ready Checklist

Carpet Durability Guide Chart

Carpet Fibers and Blends Chart

Room Yardage Chart

Branded Carpet Fiber Identification Chart

Carpet Installer Questionnaire

Rebond Padding - Cash & Carry Price Chart

Landlord Flooring Inspection Checklist

Carpet Seaming Diagram (Example)

Carpet Cost Longevity Estimate Chart

Recommended Carpet Stores



How to Measure for Carpet in 4 Simple Steps

Carpet Measuring and Room Layout Calculator



Carpet Complaints Problems & Remedies

Hidden Urine Damage

What Causes Carpet Wrinkles?

Carpet Wrinkles and Causes Explained



5 Ways to Ensure Your Carpet Buying Success

Carpet Buying Guide

Expert Carpet Buying Information

Secrets To Choosing New Carpet

Recommended Carpet Stores



How Much Does Nylon Carpet Cost?

Carpet and Pad Price Charts

Before You Buy Wholesale Carpet

Carpet and Rebond Padding Price Guide



The Best Carpet Choice For Kids and Pets

Best Carpet Choice for Basements



List of Recommended Carpet Cleaning Companies

Carpet Cleaning Cost and Pricing

Best Vacuum Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Service Directory

How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?

Carpet Cleaning Cost

How To Care For and Maintain Your New Carpet?

Top Carpet Cleaning Companies - A List of the Best in the Biz



Should I Buy Carpet from Home Depot, Costco, Empire or Lowe's?

How To Buy Carpet Without Getting Ripped Off!

Retail Carpet Scams and Rip-Offs Revealed

FREE Carpet Installation Scam?

Best and Worst Places to Buy Carpet

Why it's So Difficult to Buy Carpet

Buy Carpet Lowe's, Home Depot, Empire Today or Costco?

Recommended Carpet Stores



Popular Carpet Styles

Berber Carpet - Styles, Types

Berber Carpet Cost, Pros & Cons

Berber Carpet - Installation Cost



LVP - Luxury Vinyl Plank

LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile

Carpet Remnants



List of Carpet Mill Websites, 800 Contact Information

List of Nylon Carpet Styles

100 Carpet Buying Questions & Answers:

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The Carpet Professor Website has been created to help educate consumers about how to choose new carpet wisely.  In order to make wise and informed carpet choices, consumers must have free and unfettered access to accurate and complete product specifications.


Carpet Shopping Form - CarpetProfessor.comThe Carpet Professor website provides consumers with free unbiased carpet buying information along with Free Forms, Charts, Guides and Checklists. There is also a free carpet shopping form to help consumers compare products and services side by side to help narrow down your final choices.


Consumers can also take a quick Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to help determine what grade of carpet will meet their needs, goals and lifestyle.


Knowing how to choose the right grade of Carpet is just one aspect of the carpet buying process. Selecting the correct padding is also a critical factor. The Carpet Professor reveals all aspects of choosing the right carpet, selecting the correct padding and how to obtain qualified carpet installation.


When it comes to buying new carpet, consumers deserve first-class customer service before, during and especially after the sale. Today, there are way too many carpet and flooring retailers that fail to provide this essential service. Consumer Carpet Buying Mistakes - Carpet Complaints


Unscrupulous carpet retailers also use sneaky sales gimmicks to deceive and overcharge unsuspecting consumers. The Carpet Professor uncovers and exposes retail carpet scams and rip-offs and helps consumers avoid becoming the victim of a carpet scam. Common Retail Carpet Scams Revealed


It's not enough to know how to make wise and informed carpet buying choices. Consumers also need to buy from an honest and reputable carpet and flooring retailer. That's why there is a link at the bottom of every web page to The Carpet Professor's Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory, a nationwide list of handpicked locally-owned carpet and flooring stores.


The Carpet Professor's ultimate goal is to help consumers choose wisely, save time and money, avoid common scams and make sure the whole job is done right - from start to finish,  the first time. Before You Buy New Carpet Checklist  




Preferred Carpet Stores By State:

  1. Alabama  Best Carpet Stores in Alabama

  2. Alaska  Best Carpet Stores in Alaska

  3. Arizona  Best Carpet Stores in Arizona

  4. Arkansas  Best Carpet Stores in Arkansas

  5. California  Best Carpet Stores in California

  6. Colorado  Best Carpet Stores in Colorado

  7. Connecticut  Best Carpet Stores in Connecticut

  8. Delaware  Best Carpet Stores in Delaware

  9. District of Columbia (DC)  Best Flooring Stores DC

  10. Florida  Best Carpet Stores in Florida

  11. Georgia  Best Carpet Stores in Georgia

  12. Hawaii  Best Carpet Stores in Hawaii

  13. Idaho  Best Carpet Stores in Idaho

  14. Illinois  Best Carpet Stores in Illinois

  15. Indiana  Best Carpet Stores in Indiana

  16. Iowa  Best Carpet Stores in Iowa

  17. Kansas  Best Carpet Stores in Kansas

  18. Kentucky  Best Carpet Stores in Kentucky

  19. Louisiana  Best Carpet Stores in Louisiana

  20. Maine  Best Carpet Stores in Maine

  21. Maryland  Best Carpet Stores in Maryland

  22. Massachusetts  Best Carpet Stores in Massachusetts

  23. Michigan  Best Carpet Stores in Michigan

  24. Minnesota  Best Carpet Stores in Minnesota

  25. Mississippi  Best Carpet Stores in Mississippi

  26. Missouri  Best Carpet Stores in Missouri

  27. Montana  Best Carpet Flooring Stores in Montana

  28. Nebraska  Best Carpet Stores in Nebraska

  29. Nevada  Best Carpet Stores in Nevada

  30. New Hampshire  Best Carpet Stores in New Hampshire 

  31. New Jersey  Best Carpet Stores in New Jersey

  32. New Mexico  Best Carpet Stores in New Mexico

  33. New York  Best Carpet Dealers in New York

  34. North Carolina  Best Carpet Stores in North Carolina

  35. North Dakota  Best Carpet Stores in North Dakota

  36. Ohio  Best Carpet Stores in Ohio

  37. Oklahoma  Best Carpet Stores in Oklahoma

  38. Oregon  Best Carpet Stores in Oregon

  39. Pennsylvania  Best Carpet Stores in Pennsylvania

  40. Rhode Island  Best Carpet Stores in Rhode Island

  41. South Carolina  Best Carpet Stores in South Carolina

  42. Tennessee  Best Carpet Stores in Tennessee

  43. Texas  Best Carpet Flooring Stores in Texas

  44. Utah  Best Carpet Stores in Utah

  45. Vermont  Best Carpet Stores in Vermont

  46. Virginia  Best Carpet Flooring Stores in Virginia

  47. Washington  Best Carpet Flooring Stores in Washington

  48. West Virginia  Best Carpet Stores in West Virginia

  49. Wisconsin  Best Carpet Flooring Stores

  50. Wyoming  Best Carpet Stores in Wyoming


Preferred Carpet Stores By City:


  1. Addison TX

  2. Afton MN

  3. Akron OH

  4. Alameda CA

  5. Albuquerque NM

  6. Alexandria VA

  7. Allentown PA

  8. Amsterdam NY

  9. Anaheim CA

  10. Anchorage AK  

  11. Andover MN

  12. Ann Arbor MI  

  13. Antioch CA

  14. Apache Junction AZ

  15. Arbutus MD

  16. Arlington MA

  17. Arlington TX

  18. Arlington VA

  19. Atlanta GA

  20. Auburn ME

  21. Auburn WA

  22. Augusta GA

  23. Aurora CO

  24. Austin TX

  25. Avondale AZ

  26. Bakersfield CA

  27. Baltimore MD

  28. Baton Rouge LA

  29. Bay Minette AL  Bay Minette AL

  30. Bayport MN

  31. Beaumont TX

  32. Beaverton OR

  33. Bellevue WA   

  34. Bellevue WA

  35. Bellingham MA

  36. Bellingham WA

  37. Bellmawr NJ  

  38. Beloit WI

  39. Beltsville MD

  40. Berkeley CA

  41. Berlin NJ  

  42. Bethlehem GA

  43. Beverly Hills CA

  44. Biddeford ME

  45. Birmingham AL

  46. Birmingham MI   

  47. Bismarck ND

  48. Bloomington IN

  49. Boise ID

  50. Boston MA

  51. Boston NY

  52. Bothell WA

  53. Boulder CO

  54. Bowie, MD

  55. Bradenton FL

  56. Branson MO

  57. Bremerton WA

  58. Bridgeport CT

  59. Brooklyn NY

  60. Brusly LA

  61. Bryan TX

  62. Buckeye AZ

  63. Buffalo NY

  64. Burleson TX

  65. Burlington MA

  66. Burnt Hills NY

  67. Cambridge MA

  68. Campbell CA

  69. Canton OH

  70. Cape Coral FL

  71. Carmel IN

  72. Carrollton TX

  73. Casselberry FL

  74. Catonsville MD

  75. Cedar Rapids IA

  76. Chamblee GA

  77. Chandler AZ

  78. Chantilly VA  Chantilly VA

  79. Charleston SC

  80. Charleston WV

  81. Charlotte NC

  82. Chattanooga TN

  83. Chelsea MA

  84. Chesapeake VA

  85. Cheyenne WY

  86. Chicago IL

  87. Chula Vista CA

  88. Cicero IL

  89. Cincinnati OH

  90. Clawson MI  

  91. Clearwater FL

  92. Cleveland OH

  93. Clifton NJ

  94. College Park GA

  95. Colorado Springs CO

  96. Columbia MO

  97. Columbia SC

  98. Columbus GA

  99. Columbus OH   

  100. Concord NH

  101. Coral Springs FL

  102. Corona CA

  103. Coronado CA

  104. Corpus Christi TX

  105. Covington KY

  106. Cumming GA

  107. Dallas TX

  108. Davenport IA

  109. Dayton OH

  110. Dearborn MI

  111. Denver CO

  112. Des Moines IA

  113. Detroit MI

  114. Dothan AL

  115. Downers Grove IL

  116. Downey CA

  117. Duluth MN

  118. Dunedin FL

  119. Durham NC

  120. East Brunswick NJ

  121. East Northport NY

  122. East Tawas MI

  123. Easton PA

  124. Edison NJ

  125. El Paso TX

  126. Emeryville CA

  127. Emeryville CA

  128. Erie PA

  129. Escondido CA

  130. Essex MD  

  131. Essex VT

  132. Eugene OR

  133. Evansville IN

  134. Everett WA

  135. Fairbanks AK

  136. Fairfax VA

  137. Fairfield OH

  138. Farmington Hills MI

  139. Fayetteville GA  

  140. Fayetteville NC

  141. Federal Way WA

  142. Fern Park FL

  143. Fishers IN

  144. Flagstaff AZ

  145. Flint MI

  146. Florence AL

  147. Florissant MO   

  148. Forked River NJ

  149. Fort Collins CO

  150. Fort Lauderdale FL

  151. Fort Myers FL

  152. Fort Wayne IN

  153. Fort Worth TX

  154. Fountain Valley CA

  155. Franklin TN

  156. Frederick MD

  157. Fredericksburg VA

  158. Fresno CA

  159. Gainesville FL  

  160. Dealer Gallatin TN

  161. Gilbert AZ

  162. Glen Allen VA

  163. Glen Burnie MD

  164. Glendale AZ

  165. Glendale Heights IL

  166. Glenshaw PA

  167. Glenside PA

  168. Grand Rapids MI

  169. Gray ME

  170. Greenville SC

  171. Greenwood IN

  172. Gresham OR

  173. Gurnee, IL  

  174. Hanford CA

  175. Harrisburg PA

  176. Hartford CT

  177. Hays KS

  178. Hayward CA

  179. Hazleton PA

  180. Henderson NV  

  181. Hilton Head SC

  182. Hollister CA

  183. Hollywood FL

  184. Honolulu HI

  185. Hopkins MN

  186. Houston TX

  187. Hudson WI

  188. Huntsville AL

  189. Hutchinson KS

  190. Idaho Falls ID

  191. Independence MO

  192. Indian Trail NC

  193. Indianapolis IN

  194. Iowa City IA

  195. Jacksonville Beach FL

  196. Jacksonville FL   

  197. Jacksonville TX

  198. Jamesville NY

  199. Jersey City NJ

  200. Johnstown NY

  201. Kansas City KS

  202. Kansas City MO

  203. Kingston MA Newtonville

  204. Kirkland WA

  205. Knoxville TN

  206. Laguna Miguel CA

  207. La Jolla CA

  208. Lake City FL

  209. Lake Elmo MN

  210. Lake Havasu City AZ

  211. Lakeland FL

  212. Lakeland MN

  213. Lancaster CA

  214. Laredo TX  

  215. Largo FL

  216. Las Vegas NV

  217. Lawndale CA

  218. Lebanon OH

  219. Lehi UT

  220. Lenexa KS

  221. Lewiston ID

  222. Lexington KY

  223. Lincoln NE

  224. Little Rock AR

  225. Livonia MI

  226. Longwood FL

  227. Los Altos CA

  228. Los Angeles CA

  229. Louisville KY

  230. Lubbock TX

  231. Lynnwood WA

  232. Macomb MI

  233. Macon GA

  234. Madison AL

  235. Madison NJ

  236. Madison WI

  237. Manchester CT

  238. Marietta GA  

  239. Marlborough MA

  240. Martha Lake WA

  241. Massena NY

  242. Matthews NC

  243. McNeil TX

  244. Medford OR

  245. Melrose MA

  246. Memphis TN

  247. Merritt Island FL

  248. Mesa AZ

  249. Miami FL

  250. Midlothian VA

  251. Millsboro DE

  252. Milwaukee WI

  253. Minneapolis MN

  254. Mobile AL

  255. Modesto CA

  256. Mokena IL

  257. Montgomery AL

  258. Moreno Valley CA

  259. Mt. Pleasant SC

  260. Murrieta CA

  261. Myrtle Beach SC

  262. Nashville TN  

  263. Newark OH

  264. New Haven CT

  265. New Orleans LA

  266. New York NY

  267. Newport KY

  268. Newtonville MA

  269. Newtown PA

  270. Nixa MO

  271. Norco CA

  272. Norfolk VA

  273. Norwalk CT

  274. Oak Park IL

  275. Oakdale MN

  276. Oakland CA

  277. Ocala FL

  278. Ocean NJ

  279. Oceanside CA

  280. O'Fallon MO

  281. Oklahoma City OK

  282. Olympia WA

  283. Omaha NE

  284. Orlando FL  

  285. Paducah KY

  286. Palm Beach Gardens FL

  287. Pearland TX

  288. Peoria AZ  

  289. Peoria IL

  290. Philadelphia PA

  291. Phillipsburg NJ

  292. Phoenix AZ

  293. Pikesville MD

  294. Pine Springs MN

  295. Pittsburgh PA

  296. Plano TX

  297. Pocatello ID

  298. Pompano Beach FL

  299. Portland OR

  300. Portland OR   

  301. Portland Oregon Metro

  302. Portland TX

  303. Poway CA

  304. Queen Creek AZ

  305. Raleigh NC

  306. Raytown MO

  307. Reading PA

  308. Redmond OR

  309. Redmond WA

  310. Reeds Spring MO

  311. Reno NV

  312. Reston VA

  313. Richland WA

  314. Richmond CA

  315. River Falls WI

  316. Riverside CA

  317. Roanoke VA

  318. Rochester MI

  319. Rochester NY

  320. Rockford IL  

  321. Roseburg OR

  322. Rosedale MD

  323. Sachse TX

  324. Sacramento CA

  325. Salem OR

  326. Salida CA

  327. Saline MI

  328. Salt Lake City UT

  329. San Antonio TX

  330. San Bernardino CA

  331. San Clemente CA

  332. San Diego CA

  333. San Francisco CA

  334. San Francisco CA

  335. San Jose CA

  336. San Luis Rey CA

  337. San Rafael CA

  338. Sandy Lake PA

  339. Santa Barbara CA  

  340. Santa Clarita CA

  341. Santa Cruz CA

  342. Santa Rosa CA

  343. Sarasota FL

  344. Savannah GA

  345. Schaumburg IL  

  346. Schenectady NY

  347. Scottsdale AZ

  348. Scranton PA

  349. Seaford DE

  350. Seattle (west)

  351. Seattle WA

  352. Sellersville PA

  353. Sewell NJ  

  354. Sheboygan WI

  355. Shoreline WA

  356. Sioux City IA

  357. Snellville GA

  358. Somerset WI

  359. South Bend IN

  360. South Burlington VT

  361. South Portland ME

  362. Southfield MI

  363. Spokane WA

  364. Springdale AR

  365. Springfield IL

  366. Springfield MA

  367. Springfield MO  

  368. St. Augustine FL

  369. St. Joseph MO

  370. St. Louis MO

  371. State College PA

  372. Stillwater MN

  373. Stockton CA

  374. Streamwood IL

  375. Sugar Land TX

  376. Sun City AZ

  377. Sun Lakes AZ

  378. Sunnyvale CA

  379. Swampscott MA

  380. Syracuse NY

  381. Tacoma WA

  382. Tallahassee FL

  383. Tampa FL

  384. Tempe AZ

  385. Toledo OH   

  386. Toms River NJ

  387. Traverse City MI

  388. Trenton NJ

  389. Troy MI

  390. Tucson AZ

  391. Tulsa OK

  392. Tyler TX

  393. Twin Falls ID

  394. Valparaiso IN

  395. Vancouver WA  

  396. Venice CA

  397. Vero Beach FL

  398. Verona WI

  399. Vidor TX

  400. Virginia Beach VA

  401. Vista CA

  402. Wailuku HI

  403. Walla Walla WA

  404. Waltham MA

  405. Washington DC

  406. West Berlin NJ

  407. West Chester PA

  408. West Islip NY

  409. Westford MA

  410. Westland MI

  411. Westover WV  

  412. Wheeling WV

  413. Wichita KS

  414. Wilkes-Barre PA

  415. Williamstown NJ

  416. Wilmington DE  

  417. Wilmot NH

  418. Windermere FL

  419. Winter Springs FL

  420. Woodbury MN

  421. Woodinville WA

  422. Woodland Hills CA  

  423. Worcester MA

  424. York PA

  425. Youngtown AZ
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