- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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How to Choose New Carpet?

Secrets To Choosing New Carpet in 2024, Expert reveals insider tricks of the trade to help you avoid costly carpet buying mistakes.



Carpet Display RackChoosing New Carpet is Confusing... Where do I Start?


1. What Grade of Carpet Should I Buy?

You need to determine the level of foot traffic in your home so you know what grade you need to buy. Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to find out! Then use my Carpet Durability Guide Chart to help identify the right grade of carpet you need.



2. How Much Does New Carpet & Padding Cost? 

You need have a basic idea about how much you could potentially spend on various grades of carpet and pad. Check out my Basic Carpet Cost Guideline to learn more.






3. How Long Does Carpet Last?

You need to figure out how long you want your carpet to last. This is totally up to you but the longer you want it to last the more it will cost so be realistic. Some carpets are designed to last 3 years, some for 30. The price you pay will be determined by the grade and quality you select. See my chart about current Carpet Prices vs. Longevity


4. How Much Carpet do I Need?

Most people don't have a clue how to measure for carpet. It is important that you get an accurate measurement so you don't pay more than you need to. Here is a quick way for you to get a close estimate of the amount of carpet your need. How to Measure for Carpet yourself.


5. Where Should I Buy Carpet?

I have spent countless hours searching for reputable carpet dealers to place in my directory. Visit my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory to see which carpet stores I recommend near you.


6. To sum it all up consider all these factors:

  • Your Level of Foot traffic (Light - Medium - Moderate - Heavy)

  • Anticipated Years of Use (5 - 10 -15 - 20)

  • Amount of Carpet Needed (Yards or Square Feet)

  • Current Carpet Prices for Grade of Carpet Required

  • Your Budget for your Project.


Consider your level of foot-traffic.

Your level of foot traffic will help determine the grade of carpet you need to buy. Match it up with the current prices for that grade of carpet and factor in the number of years you expect it to last. Basic Carpet Cost Guideline


When you take all this information into consideration, then you take a good hard look at the reality of your lifestyle, your needs, your goals and your budget to come up with a good estimate as to what it will cost to buy the grade of carpet your home requires. 


Most homeowners are shocked at how much a good quality carpet and padding will cost. To ensure you are happy with your purchase, you might have to replace the carpet in two stages, doing half of the house now and the other half after you save up a little more money. The worst thing you can do is to choose lower grade of carpet that cannot meet your needs and goals.



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