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Secrets to Carpet Shopping Success


1. Accurate Carpet Measuring Saves You Money!

Making sure you obtain correct measurements for your carpet project is important. If your measurements are wrong, you will either pay too much or not have enough material to finish the job. Inexperienced carpet salespeople tend to over-measure because they fear not ordering enough carpet to complete the job. 


Sneaky salespeople can intentionally over-measure you to increase their profit. Homeowners who lack measuring experience tend to under-measure because they don't know how to factor in the extra material needed for seaming, trimming and pattern matches. It takes years to become proficient at measuring for carpet so having your measurements verified would be wise.


Seasoned carpet salespeople know how to save you the most money by strategically using leftover material from one area to fill in areas in other areas. This can significantly reduce the amount of carpet you need to order and will also lower your padding and installation costs too. Here are some tricks and tips to getting your home measured right. You can also learn how to measure your home for carpet yourself! How to Measure for Carpet in 4 Simple Steps



2. Product Knowledge Gives You Power to Choose Wisely.

Selecting the wrong carpet fiber is worst mistake you can make! Learn the truth about carpet fibers and carpet styles. Learn more about Carpet Fibers. Choosing the correct padding is very important too. The more you know the better choices you will make. Learn more about Types of Carpet Padding.


Beware of misleading or incomplete carpet buying information obtained from websites that sell carpet. These sites may not tell you everything you need to know, especially when their main goal is to convince you to buy from them. 


3. Wise Shoppers Get Several Free "In-Home" Estimates.

Getting several estimates is just plain smart. It helps you narrow down your final choices and gives you the chance to compare estimates side by side. You will come away knowing you made wise choices. It's not easy to compare carpets when they change the style and color names. This is called "private labeling" and it is how they try to prevent you from comparison shopping at the carpet store down the street. That's why its important to consider the specifications of each carpet you are considering. 


Make sure you are comparing carpets of a similar fiber type, grade or quality. For example, you can't compare carpet made of Nylon, with carpet made of Polyester. Print several copies of my free Carpet Shopping Form. It's designed to help you compare similar carpets so you can make wise and informed choices. Learn more What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?



4. Installing Carpet Correctly Increases Long-Term Performance

Carpet installed improperly can develop wrinkles and can cut life-expectancy in half. Finding a qualified carpet installer can be challenging. Finding a carpet installer advertising on Craigslist or in your local Thrifty Nickel is one way to go, but rarely the best way to locate an experienced installer. The best installers prefer to work with well established locally-owned carpet stores and may not want or need extra side jobs. Still it is possible during slow times where you can get a referral from a local carpet retailer.


Certified Flooring Installers?

You can also visit the CFI website to locate a qualified installer near you. If you like the installer and he is available at a fair price, perhaps you might hire them to measure and install your carpet?



5. Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance Ensures Longevity

Take proper care of your carpet and it will serve you well for years to come. There's a lot more to caring for a carpet then vacuuming. And if you don't clean your carpets correctly you could easily ruin them. You also need to read your new carpet warranty to know exactly what you are required to do to keep your warranty in force. Most are available for download on the carpet manufacturer's website. I reveal the truth about proper carpet care, important warranty facts, and what you need to know about carpet cleaning!  


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