- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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10 FREE Carpet Forms, Charts and Checklists

All my forms and guides are free to print for homeowners!



1. Discount Coupon

Get up to $100 Off New Carpet at Participating Carpet Stores Near You!


Discount coupon - Carpet Professor

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Notice: It is up to each carpet dealer to decide if they wish to honor this coupon. This coupon has no cash value and there is no guarantee it will be honored at the carpet dealer you choose to buy from. Minimum 40-yard new carpet purchase required. Discount is for 10% off new carpet only, up to $100 off. Cost for padding and installation is separate. 



2. Carpet Shopping Form


Designed to help you make wise and informed Carpet buying choices.

(print up several copies)  


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 Carpet Shopping Form -

Or Print With Coupon:

  Carpet Shopping Form and Coupon 2023 PDF -

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3. Carpet Installation Get-Ready Checklist


What homeowners need to do before, during and after having new carpet installed. This checklist helps ensure your Safety, Security and Satisfaction. 


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  Carpet Installation Get-Ready Checklist -



4. Carpet Durability Guide Chart


How to quickly determine if any carpet in question is durable enough to meet or exceed your Needs, Goals and Lifestyle.  


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Carpet Durability Guide Chart -




5. Carpet Fibers and Blends


Carpet styles are available with varying fiber configurations. Here is a chart that shows the common fibers and fiber blends available today. 


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Carpet Fibers and Fiber Blends Chart -




6. Room Yardage Chart


Find your Room Yardage by cross referencing your room width and room length.


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Room Yardage Chart -




7. Fiber I.D. Chart


Wondering what fiber your carpet is made of? 

What anti-stain treatment does that carpet have? 

This chart can help you figure it out.


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  Branded Carpet Fiber Identification Chart -



8. Ten Questions For Independent Carpet Installers


Looking to hire an independent carpet installer? Use my free 10 Question Checklist to make sure you ask every potential carpet installer all the right questions - Before You Hire! 


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Ten Questions for Independent Carpet Installers -


Installation is not an area where you should try to cut corners. This is a must-ask 10 question form to help guide any homeowner looking to hire a Qualified Carpet Installer.



9. Rebond Carpet Padding Cost and Prices


Rebond Type (Residential)

This Chart shows current prices for Standard Rebond Type Foam Carpet Pad Only. 

(Cash and Carry Prices Shown)


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Rebond Carpet Padding Cost and Price Chart -


This Chart does not cover pricing for Moisture Barrier, Memory Foam or other types of Specialized Carpet Padding.




10.  Landlord Flooring Installation Inspection Checklist

Have apartments or rental properties? You need to inspect every flooring installation right after completion. Use this handy 20-question form to make sure your carpet and vinyl flooring has been installed properly and nothing has been left undone. This form will help you keep track of flooring replacements in each unit, when it was done and who did it. You will save money in the long run by making sure your new flooring lasts as long as possible. Free to print and use. 


Landlord Flooring Installation Inspection Checklist -

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 11. Sample Carpet Seaming Diagram


For more information about how to create, cut and build carpet seams related to this sample diagram visit To view the diagram or print in PDF Format click on the image.


Sample Carpet Seaming Diagram. How to build, cut and seams for carpet.

Click on image to print or view.



Secrets To Carpet Success

Not only must you hire a qualified and experienced carpet installer, you must also select the right grade of carpet and padding too. Making sure you buy from an honest and reputable carpet and flooring dealer. These are the secrets to avoiding scams and choosing new carpet like a pro! See who I recommend near you.



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