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Discover Insider Secrets to Choosing New Carpet and Pad. This website provides free unbiased Carpet information for homeowners. 


Choosing the right grade of carpet is a common problem homeowners face today when shopping for new carpet.


The carpet and padding you select must be able to tolerate your own unique level of foot-traffic you have in your home or your new carpet will not last as long as you anticipate. 



Home Depot and Lowe's 

Free Carpet Installation


Free Carpet Installation at Lowe's and Home Depot?Tempted by those TV ads offering FREE Carpet Installation? There's always a catch to getting anything for free.


Is Carpet Installation Really Free? There are some hurdles to jump over if you want to qualify for free installation. 


What is their definition of a "basic" installation? How much extra will you pay when your home requires something beyond basic installation?


Who do you call when you find a carpet problem or have an installation concern? Uncover all the facts about buying carpet from a box store. 


Carpet Cost


Hard earned cashIf you haven't checked carpet prices in a few years, you'll be shocked when you see the high cost of a good quality carpet and padding. 


Carpet is more expensive than most homeowners realize. When you finally add up all the costs for materials and labor it can easily give you a severe case of sticker shock.


Twenty years ago, a medium quality carpet, with pad and installation, used to run about $30 a square yard. Now that same quality is closer to $50. 



Padding Prices


A good quality 6-pound, 1/2" Rebond Carpet Pad used to cost about $3 per square yard. Now it's more than $5. Most carpet makers now recommend using 8-pound density padding for all their carpet styles.


Don't Skimp on Pad!


Roll or Foam Carpet PaddingYou don't ever see it, but pad does a very important job. It is the shock-absorber for your carpet. Padding helps reduce the damaging effects of abrasion. 


If your new carpet is designed to last for 15 years, then your padding must also be able to last for 15 years or longer. 


Padding Upgrades?


Don't be easily swayed by any salesperson who says you need to spend more for an upgraded pad.



Carpet Installation Cost?


It was once common to pay $3 to $5 per yard for carpet installation. 


Now you can expect to pay $5 to $8 or more depending on where you live, the job details and what grade of carpet you select.



Carpet Installation is a major component of your overall carpet purchase and if installed wrong your new carpet may not last nearly as long as intended. 


If you are shocked by the high price for qualified carpet installation, wait till you find out the cost of hiring a lousy carpet installer! 




Stainmaster® Brand Update


Stainmaster Carpet Display RackThe Stainmaster brand, well-known for it's Nylon 6,6 fiber, was recently purchased by Lowe's. 


However, the same fiber known as Antron Nylon 6,6 is still available at most local carpet stores under a different brand name.


It's the exact same fiber, but it just doesn't have the Stainmaster® brand name attached to it.


All Carpet made from Antron's Nylon 6,6 fiber have the exact same benefits for stain resistance and durability as Stainmaster branded carpet styles.


Ask any reputable Carpet Retailer about the Carpet styles they carry that are made with the Antron® Nylon 6,6 Fiber.



Pushy Carpet Salespeople


Sly Carpet SalespersonUnscrupulous carpet retailers often hire pushy salespeople who will say or do just about anything to convince you to buy from them. 


Many of these sales people know very little about carpet or the products they sell. 


They are hired because they are good at closing the sale. That means they won't take NO for an answer. 


This is another reason why I have created my own list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores, so you won't have to deal with inept or pushy salespeople. 



Best Carpet Salespeople

It takes years to become a carpet expert and some carpet salespeople lack sufficient "hands-on" carpet experience to be qualified to advise you. 


They may not have enough product knowledge to know which grade of carpet is capable of meeting your needs, goals and lifestyle.


Box stores like Home Depot and Lowe's have nice carpet displays but their in-store sales associates are often hard to find or don't know the answers to your carpet questions.


You pretty much have to make your carpet selection without much help or expert advice. Box stores even farm out their measuring and installation services to other privately held companies to limit their liability.




Well established locally-owned carpet stores tend to have the most knowledgeable and experienced staff.


Many have trained and experienced interior designers ready to help you explore all your color schemes and material options.


It's common to deal directly with the store owner or a family member who offers sound advice, shows you samples and even measures your home.


This is another reason why I recommend buying from a reputable locally-owned carpet store.




Enough Measuring Experience?


It takes several years to become proficient at measuring for carpet. An experienced estimator can save you money by strategically making the best use of material waste.


They know how to utilize leftover carpet from one room and use it to fill in areas in other rooms. This saves you money by reducing the amount of material you require! 


Salespeople who are new to the carpet business may not be very accurate at measuring and that could cost you plenty. They don't know how to minimize material waste so you end up paying more for materials and labor.



How To Measure Carpet Yourself


Measure For Carpet Yourself - Capet ProfessorDon't be overcharged for carpet, padding and labor!


It is always wise to get at least three estimates from local carpet stores. Then you can compare prices and measurements side by side and make wise and informed choices.


If you have a simple layout, you can learn how to measure for carpet yourself. At least you will have some peace of mind by verifying the salesperson's measurements.



Choosing the Right Grade of Carpet?


Carpet Samples It's not like it was 50 years ago when choices were very limited and most carpets were made to last a lifetime. 


Today there are literally thousands of different grades, styles and quality levels to choose from.


Some carpets are designed to last 5 years or less, some are designed to take a beating and last for 20 years or more.


Why do some Carpets last longer than others? It all depends on the materials they use to manufacture the carpet!


Choosing the Right Carpet Fiber


Nylon is the most durable synthetic fiber available today. Beware of Carpet Retailers or Salespeople who recommend you buy carpet made from Polyester or P.E.T. Polyester and say it is "just as durable" as a carpet made from Nylon. 


Carpets made from Polyester tend to mat down very quickly in medium to heavy traffic applications, especially in main walkways, hallways and on stairs. 



Is This Carpet is Durable Enough?


All carpets look and feel fabulous when they are new, but is it durable enough for my needs and goals? 


This is a common problem homeowners face when trying to choose the right grade of carpet.


It's not easy to tell if the carpet durability is good, better or best, just by looking at a sample or feeling it with your hand.



Carpet Durability Guide and Chart - Carpet ProfessorPrint my free 

Carpet Durability Chart


This chart will help you determine the durability of any carpet you are considering. You just need access to some key specifications.


(click on the image to view or print)



Do You Have Heavy Foot-Traffic?


If you want to choose the right carpet quality to meet your needs and goals you first need to determine your level of foot-traffic. Then you must decide exactly how long you want your new carpet to last.


Your answers to these two questions will help determine what grade of carpet you need to buy.


To avoid making costly carpet buying mistakes, start by taking my free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test. It is a simple six-question test about your needs, goals and lifestyle.



3 Secrets To Carpet Success

  1. Choose the right grade of carpet and padding. 

  2. Get qualified installation.

  3. Buy from an honest and reputable carpet store.

These are the 3 secrets to choosing new carpet like a pro! It sounds easy to accomplish but it's also easy to make costly mistakes along the way.



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