- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Expert Carpet Buying Information


Choosing new carpet today is a daunting task! Homeowners need to be very careful to select new carpet and flooring wisely and avoid making costly mistakes and major headaches.


Let me start by saying that there are plenty of honest and reputable carpet retailers out there, but it's very hard to know the difference between a "Reputable" Carpet Dealer and a "Ruthless" Carpet Dealer until it's too late! 



My Goal is to inform homeowners about:

  • Making wise and informed carpet and padding choices.

  • Negotiating a fair and square carpet deal. 

  • Obtaining qualified carpet installation. 

  • Avoiding common retail carpet sales scams & rip-offs.

  • Where to find reputable carpet and flooring dealers.






Get at least two or three bids or estimates from local retailers!

Getting several estimates to compare side by side is the only sure-fire way to determine which dealer has the best service, best price, quality products and guaranteed installation. I think you will like doing business with the dealer that I recommend. If not, then please email me to let me know who you bought from and why! Maybe they should be listed in my preferred list!


I'm a homeowner too and I surely don't want to overpay, be ripped off or be scammed on the products or services I need. One thing I know for sure...Scams are everywhere, especially in the carpet and flooring business! It's sad, but consumers must be on guard constantly, we must be well informed and take the time to educate ourselves before we make any major purchase.



Over the past 23 years I've helped thousands of homeowners choose carpet wisely and save on their carpet purchases. 


I can help you save time and money, avoid scams and make wise carpet choices too. But you have to be willing to take the time to learn a few things. Most homeowners don't know how to buy carpet today - even if they have purchased carpet many times in the past. 


There used to be only about 8 basic grades of carpet available: apartment grade, builder grade, three grades of residential and three commercial grades. Not anymore. There are dozens of varying carpet grades and qualities available.



What is a Carpet Grade?


How do I know what grade to buy? Which grade is right for you? That's the $64 question. Choose to low a grade and your carpet will wear out too fast. Choose too high and you will spend way more than you need to.


You need to know how to choose the carpet grade that is just right for your needs, goals, lifestyle and budget. Sounds easy but it's not. Where to start? 



What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?


Homeowners often trust a carpet salesperson to steer them in the right direction and suggest the right grade or style of carpet. This can be a very big mistake. Why? Because many carpet salespeople are not qualified or don't take the time to ask you about your needs and goals to advise you wisely. 

Carpet is a major home improvement purchase, you need to follow the advice of a seasoned professional who has your best interests in mind. You need to choose the right carpet based on your needs and goals. I can help you sort it all out. 




Print my free Carpet Shopping Form

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Best Carpet Padding & Carpet Installation


Consumers who select the wrong grade of carpet stand to lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But choosing he wrong carpet padding can ruin even the best quality carpets. Carpet installation done improperly will void the carpet warranty and can easily cut the life-span of any carpet in half! 


How do you select the right pad? How to you make sure your carpet is installed properly? You need the answers to these questions and many more.


Important Note:


Is your Carpet Installer Licensed, Bonded & Insured? Check Now to see if you carpet or flooring installer is subject to your State Licensing Regulations. 


You should always call to make sure who you hire is properly licensed, bonded and insured according to the State and Local Laws where you live.


How to Verify a Contractor's License


After 30+ years in this business I have learned how to recognize these wolves in sheep's clothing. That's why I've created my own special list of recommended carpet dealers I have found all across America. 


These are Carpet / Flooring dealers that I personally trust and recommend to my readers. They have been hand picked and approved by me personally, "one at a time" over the past 15 years.


My preferred dealers are the best of the best, and I know you will think so too if you give them a chance to earn your business! Always get at least two or three estimates from other local dealers in your area.

 - How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!


~ My List of Carpet & Flooring Stores ~


Recommended Carpet and Flooring Dealers"I Only Recommend Locally-Owned Stores with Superior Service, Quality Products and Qualified Installers"


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