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Do You Know Enough About Carpet to Avoid Making Costly Mistakes? 

Choosing new carpet and padding is time-consuming and can be very confusing for most homeowners. There are literally dozens of ways to make simple yet costly carpet buying mistakes. 

Don't be in a hurry, take your time and learn from my years of experience. You will be glad you did. 


Take my Carpet Buying Quiz below to find out if you're truly ready to start shopping for new carpet. If you don't know many of the correct answers to the quiz questions, perhaps you should stay home this weekend and read a few of my free carpet buying articles.



Are You Are Ready To Shop for New Carpet?


Shopping for new carpet is not as quick and simple as it used to be. Today, it's easy to make simple yet costly carpet buying mistakes. Savvy homeowners do their homework well in advance to learn how to make the many important choices when shopping for any expensive purchase, including new carpet and flooring. 


Can you make all the right choices and get the whole job done start to finish? Maybe so, my simple carpet quiz will put your carpet buying knowledge to the test! 


Are you a Smart Shopper? You better hope so. First, I suggest you take your sweet time and do your carpet homework! There are hundreds or even thousands of your hard-earned dollars at stake! Second, do you have a game plan? 


You should already have a good idea about what carpet style and main characteristics of the carpet you intend to purchase. You should already know how long you want your carpet to last and about how much it's going to cost for the carpet, the pad and the installation, long before you reach for your checkbook.



When you visit any retail carpet store, you don't want to start by asking for advice from the carpet salesperson. 


Most of your carpet buying questions should have been researched and answered long before you start shopping for carpet. 


Any questions you have for the salesperson should be limited to  "How much does this carpet cost per foot / yard?",  or " Do your installers always use a power-stretcher?" or "Can I have a copy of the manufacturer's warranty?". 


Print out and use my Free Carpet Shopping Form


After you visit several local carpet stores, you'll almost think you're buying carpet from a used car lot. The last thing you need is high-pressure salespeople and an ear full of conflicting information. You will quickly come to understand the reason why you don't want to ask carpet salespeople for their advice.


Find out if you're ready to start shopping for carpet, or if you should stay home this weekend and read through my free website.



Consumer Carpet Quiz


Find out if you know enough to choose new carpet like a pro!

Quiz Answers are Revealed on the Next Page


I. Carpet and Pad


1a. What type of Carpet Padding should you choose? 

  1. Rebond

  2. Foam

  3. Rubber

  4. Synthetic fiber

  5. Recycled fabrics

  6. Let the salesperson decide


1b.Which Carpet Padding gives the most value for your dollar?

  1. Rebond                 

  2. Foam                                      

  3. Rubber

  4. Synthetic fiber

  5. Recycled fabrics

  6. They are all the same


2. Here are some types of Padding Upgrades you can choose for an extra charge. 

Which of these features are worth paying extra for?

  1. Moisture barrier

  2. Odor eating

  3. Increase of warranty

  4. Air-filtering

  5. None of the above

  6. All of the above


3. Do you know what Padding Density to choose? 

  1. 4 pound                                                

  2. 5 pound                                                

  3. 6 pound                                                

  4. 7 pound                                                

  5. 8 pound                                                

  6. 10 pound

  7. The higher the better


4. Do you know what thickness of pad is required?

  1. 1/4"

  2. 3/8"

  3. 7/16"

  4. 1/2"     

  5. The thicker the better


5. Do you know about carpet fibers? Which fiber is most resilient?

  1. Nylon

  2. Olefin or polypropylene

  3. Polyester or P.E.T.

  4. Nylon / polyester blend

  5. Sorona / Smartstrand


6. There are several different methods used to manufacture Carpet Fibers. Would you choose a Continuous Filament fiber or go with a Staple Fiber and why?

  1. Continuous Filament

  2. Staple Fiber

  3. I love to vacuum

  4. It doesn't matter


II. Carpet Care


How well you care for your carpet will determine how long it will last.


7. How many people live in your home?


8. How many days per week do you vacuum on average?


9. Do you have a good quality vacuum with a beater bar?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. What is a beater bar?


10. How often do you have your carpet professionally cleaned?

  1. Never

  2. Every 6 months

  3. Once a year

  4. Every other year

  5. Every three years

  6. Why bother


11. Do you keep all the receipts for the professional cleanings?

  1. Yes    

  2. No

  3. Why bother

  4. I clean the carpet myself


12a. Do you know what the following carpet definitions / conditions mean? 


12b. Which of these conditions are covered by the manufacturer's new carpet warranty? 

  1. Crushing

  2. Fading or color loss

  3. Footprints or indentations

  4. Matting

  5. Shading

  6. Shedding

  7. Filtration soiling

  8. Wrinkles

  9. Yellowing

  10. None of the above

  11. All of the above


13. Have you visited "The Carpet and Rug Institute" website? (CRI) 

  1. Yes          

  2. No

  3. Visit 


14. Are you familiar with the requirements set forth in "The Carpet & Rug Institute's Standard 105 for Residential Carpet Installation"?

  1. Yes            

  2. No

  3. Visit


15. Do you know which manufacturer warranty applies to your particular carpet?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. They are all the same.


16. If some of your carpet is found to be defective and you file a valid claim with the carpet manufacturer, what do you think will typically happen next?

  1. They will refund my money 100%.

  2. They will refund a percentage of my money.

  3. They will replace all my carpet with another carpet of my choice.

  4. They will remove all of the old carpet and install new carpet of the exact same type and style.

  5. They will remove the defective carpet areas only and install new carpet of the same type and style.

  6. They will issue a pro-rated credit to your retailer equal to the cost of the carpet material only, for the affected area only, the credit is good only toward new carpet from the same manufacturer. They will not pay to remove your old carpet, nor will they pay to have your replacement carpet installed.

  7. They will pay to have the carpet repaired, if possible.



III. Carpet Installation


How well your carpet is installed will help determine how long it will last...


17. What is the best day to have your new carpet delivered to your home:

  1. The day it is to be installed.

  2. The day before.

  3. The week before.

  4. I don’t know.


18. What is the best climate to have your carpet installed

  1. On a warm day with the doors open.

  2. On a cool day with the doors closed.

  3. Any day with the heater on (66*F) before and during installation.

  4. I don’t know.


19. What should you do before the carpet installer begins to install your new carpet?

  1. Move all small breakables and valuables into a safe and secure area.

  2. Make arrangements for kids and pets to be out of the work areas.

  3. Check to make sure the installer will use a power-stretcher.

  4. Take photographs or a video of the entire area in case you need to prove damages in court.

  5. Make sure the installer has brought the right carpet style, quality and color.

  6. Have the installer roll out the carpet so you can check the carpet for obvious defects.

  7. Make sure you have the original carpet sample so you can compare it with the carpet delivered.


20. What should you do right after the carpet installer has finished installing your carpet?

  1. Call all your friends to come over and see your new carpet!

  2. Inspect the carpet installation completely. Withhold final payment until you are completely satisfied.

  3. Pick up all the carpet scraps and vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

  4. Show the installer where you want all the carpet and pad scraps to be dumped.

  5. Ask how long the carpet seams will look so obvious. 



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