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How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Secrets to Choosing New Carpet Wisely!


There are literally thousands of different types and styles of carpet to choose from and it's quite overwhelming to most of us. Just because a carpet looks great and feels nice to your hand or underfoot doesn't mean it is good quality or is durable enough for your needs and goals!


Best Carpet Choices

Every homeowner has different needs, goals and expectations. We all want our carpet to be soft and durable, last a long time, resist stains and clean easily... and still be within our price range! That's hard to find these days without some expert help.


Choosing New Carpet Is Confusing


Stainmaster carpet display rackYou must be patient and take the time to learn about carpet before you buy. Why? Because some carpets are made poorly or with low quality materials. Low quality carpet can quickly appear worn-out when the tufts fall over and become matted down. Matting is first noticed along main walkways, on the front leading edge of stairs and down narrow hallways. Lower quality carpets can quickly develop flattened out paths or "trails" along common traffic lanes. 


Low quality carpets stain easily or will begin to look soiled or dingy within a few months and may be difficult or seemingly impossible to get the spots removed. For example, looped Berber carpets made with an inexpensive Olefin fiber are hard to keep clean. After you steam clean the carpet, certain areas with trouble spots or stains will return in a few days. It is because the Olefin fiber is oily. Salespeople won't tell you about this because they don't understand the complexities involved in the manufacturing process.

Don't base your carpet selection decisions solely on the advice of any one carpet salesperson, as many are poorly trained, lack "hands-on" experience or may not have your best interests in mind. It's up to you to double check and verify any information you are given.


How to Choose Carpet Padding?


Roll of Rebond Carpet PaddingChoosing the wrong padding can cut the life-span of your new carpet in HALF, and may quickly cause wrinkles to develop in your carpet and this will void the manufacturers new carpet warranty. 


Again, you should not rely solely on any one retail carpet salesperson to make the correct padding choice for you. They often don't know what is required or may try to up-sell you to a higher priced padding. The carpet manufacturer can provide you with the minimum padding requirements for any carpet they make. You can call them yourself to obtain that information. Learn more: Selecting the Right Carpet Pad



The Secret to Getting Quality Carpet Installation?


Most Carpet Installers today are NOT properly trained or qualified to install your new carpet. Installing carpet requires using proper installation tools and procedures designed to keep your warranty in force. Is your carpet installer using a "Power Stretcher" to install your new carpet? This is absolutely critical! You must be sure to get qualified carpet installation. Why? Because carpet installed improperly can cause wrinkles to develop in less than a year! Wrinkles make your carpet wear out super fast and is very costly to repair! Let me show you how to be sure your new carpet is installed right the first time. Get this critical aspect wrong and you may quickly lose your total carpet investment. Learn the tricks to carpet installation: Carpet Installation Costs & Fees



How To Get The Best Price?


Don't pay more than you need to! Let me show you how to get a great price on the materials and labor. Finding a good deal on carpet, padding and installation is getting harder every day, and it all boils down to "who" you buy from, and the choices you make. There used to be hundreds of smaller high-quality carpet manufacturers. In the past 30 years many smaller carpet mills have been bought up by giant carpet mills like Mohawk and Shaw. Large carpet manufacturers often do things to make buying carpet more confusing, more complicated and more expensive for homeowners who don't do their carpet homework.



Padding Manufacturers


The smaller padding companies are being bought out, and the bigger padding manufacturers are creating newfangled products to get consumers to dig deeper into their pockets for products they may not need. 


Rebond Carpet Padding Prices They have odor eating pads, moisture barrier pads, anti-microbial pads, air-filtration pads and more. Upgrading to a costly carpet padding that they say will increase the length of your carpet warranty is also a potential scam you need to be wary of. Learn where NOT to Buy Carpet & Flooring.



Carpet Installation Costs


Big-box carpet retailers are well-known for adding extra charges to their "basic carpet Installation services".  If you are unaware, you might end up paying twice as much or more, as you were initially led to believe for carpet or flooring installation. They will charge you extra for every little service they perform in your home. Extra for removing your old carpet and padding; extra for tack strip; extra for stairs; extra for transitions and so on... 


This is especially true if you purchase your new carpet or flooring from Home Improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot and many other nationally advertised shop-at-home carpet retailers. Don't fall for those never-ending commercials on TV from national corporations like Empire Today and others... See which carpet dealers / retailers I Recommend Near You



A Peek Back In Time...


50 years ago... Carpet installers were called mechanics or craftsmen and were very well trained. The carpet installation profession was a highly regarded trade and was typically handed-down from father to son. Not anymore! You never know what level of training installers have today, if any! The question is... "Are they qualified to install carpet or flooring in my home?" 10 Questions for Independent Carpet Installers



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