- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Retail Carpet Sales Scams


Sales Incentives


Another sales trick that contributes to homeowners receiving bad or misguided carpet advice is due to manufacturer or distributor sales incentives and retailer sales contests. 


This is where salespeople compete to see who can make the most sales to win a prize. It can become quite competitive among salespeople who might say or do anything to win.


These include cash bonuses, paid vacations, cruises, prizes and other valuable rewards for store owners or salespeople rewarded for selling the most amount of a certain brand or style of carpet, pad or other flooring product. 


Similarly, unscrupulous carpet retailers often buy large quantities of a particular carpet or pad because of a special discounted price


A sly store owner or manager may require that all their salespeople encourage, push, urge and suggest these discounted products to their customers whether it is a suitable choice or not.


Any homeowner could become a victim of this type of carpet scam under these circumstances and end up with carpet or other flooring products that doesn't meet their needs or perform the way they may had hoped or expected.


You could easily waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars just by selecting the wrong carpet or padding.





Carpet Buying Facts:


1. Carpet shoppers must have access to honest & accurate carpet buying information in order to make wise and informed carpet choices. What are Carpet Specifications?


2. Consumers often receive conflicting carpet information and are duped by unscrupulous carpet salespeople into buying upgraded products or extra services that are unnecessary or have little value. Learn more: Carpet Padding Upgrades


3. Homeowners need to be aware of common carpet scams and retail sales gimmicks. Be cautious any advertising that offers huge discounts on products or services that sound too good to be true. Best and Worst Carpet Stores Graded.

4. Consumers need to know which carpet dealers are honest and reputable, offering fair and square deals and qualified installation. See my list of Recommended Carpet Dealers


Reputable Carpet Stores


There are plenty of honest and reputable carpet stores and lots of very knowledgeable carpet salespeople. They are able to help you make wise and informed decisions, but it's not easy to tell the good ones from the bad ones. 


That's why I have created my own special list of locally-owned carpet retailers that I recommend to my readers. I use all my 30+ years of experience to locate the absolute best carpet dealers I can find all across America.





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 - How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!


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