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Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert / Consumer Advocate - Retired after 30 years, do not sell or install carpet.



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Get the cold hard facts you need to make wise and informed carpet choices, save money and avoid scams! I built this website to help educate homeowners about how to choose new Carpet wisely without getting scammed by unsavory carpet and flooring dealers. 


Homeowners need to know how to make wise and informed choices and avoid sneaky sales gimmicks. I have been helping homeowners save money, avoid headaches and choose new carpet wisely for over 20 years. I don't sell or install carpet or flooring anymore, but I can surely help you avoid making costly carpet buying mistakes. Should I Buy Carpet from Home Depot, Costco, Empire Today or Lowe's?


Don't Fall For those Misleading TV Ads offering carpet and flooring at ridiculously low prices! Remember, If it sounds too good to be true...  Discover how to quickly spot common retail Carpet Scams and make wise Carpet Choices you will be happy with for years to come! Big Box Carpet Installation Specials Exposed


Free Articles and Information for Homeowners


How to Buy Carpet Wisely  - Selecting a carpet that meets your needs, goals and budget

How to Select the Right Grade of Carpet - The importance of choosing the right carpet.

Selecting the Best Carpet Retailer - Selecting the best carpet for your lifestyle.



Selecting the Right Carpet


Carpet Styles -  What carpet styles last the longest? What is the best carpet style for you?

Carpet Fibers - Choosing the right fiber! Nylon, Polyester, Wool, Olefin, Sorona, Smartstrand.

Carpet Comparison - What makes one carpet better than another? 

How Much Does Carpet Cost? - What's a good price for carpet, pad and installation?



What Carpet Retailers Won't Tell you


Accurate Carpet Information - Do you believe everything you read about carpet on the internet?

Confused about Buying Carpet? - Greedy carpet retailers want you to be confused!

Carpet Salesperson Incentives - Salespeople are awarded prizes for selling you the wrong carpet?




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