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All Carpet retailers listed in my directory are locally-owned and are hand-picked and reviewed. 

They must pass my own special set of strict rules and requirements to be listed in my directory.

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All Carpet dealers listed in my directory are locally-owned and are hand-picked by me personally. They must pass my own special set of strict rules and requirements to be listed in my directory and inclusion is by invitation only. 


Over the past 23 years, I have found on average, just 1 out of 10 retail carpet stores are able to pass my Preferred Carpet Dealer requirements. Why? Many Carpet retailers use sneaky sales tactics to try to cheat and deceive you. Some use deceptive advertising to lure you in. 


Some retailers use strong-arm salespeople who don't take "NO" for and answer, hoping to "close the sale" before you have a chance to comparison shop. And the list goes on and on.


Why Do You Only Recommend Local Carpet Stores?

I receive and answer thousands of emails and hear plenty of horror stories from unsuspecting homeowners who have bought carpet from the big box home improvement warehouses or those nationally-advertised shop-at-home carpet conglomerates. The list of consumer complaints from carpet sellers like these is way too long to list. 


You can search the internet yourself and find plenty of consumer carpet complaints to read if you like. Buying carpet is a major expense and you deserve to get treated fair and square!


That's why I only support and recommend only a select few honest and reputable, locally-owned carpet dealers. These are your neighbors who have been in business for a number of years, have a good reputation, provide first class customer service have a vested interest in your community.



Unscrupulous carpet retailers use "strong-arm" salespeople that come to your home to show you samples, provide a free measure and estimate and then do everything they can to convince you to buy "right now" before you have a chance to comparison shop. 


Never agree to buy from any salesperson who pressures you. There is no such thing as a "Today Only" price. Take a few days to make your final decision and compare with other locally-owned carpet retailers near you.


You need to make sure you select the Right Grade of Carpet that will meet your needs and goals, get honest measuring, get a fair and square price and not become the victim of a Common Carpet Scam! You should always get several free estimates and only buy from an honest and reputable, locally-owned carpet or flooring retailer. 


Print out several copies of my Free Carpet Shopping Form and use them to comparison shop. My Free Carpet Shopping Form is a great way to gather all the key information you need to compare carpet you are interested in and help you make wise and informed choices.



When you visit one of my Preferred Carpet Dealers, it's important that you mention my name or my website in order to get your absolute best deal. Please say that Alan sent you. or "The Carpet Professor" referred you! Presenting my Coupon for up to $100 off is also a great way to let them know I referred you.



Buying new carpet is a major expense for most homeowners. Selecting the right grade of carpet or quality level is a MOST CRITICAL FACTOR! You also need to choose the correct padding, and get qualified carpet installation.  


My Free Carpet Shopping Form is a great way to gather all the key information you need to compare carpets you are interested in and make wise and informed choices.



You can rest assured that no carpet or flooring retailer can buy their way onto my Preferred Carpet dealer Directory at any price. I don't receive any sales commission or "kickback" from your carpet or flooring purchase, no matter who you buy from! I use all my 30+ years of carpet & flooring experience to locate and identify the absolute best of the best Carpet and Flooring dealers to recommend to my readers.



I suggest you be very careful who you buy from because retail scams are common! I suggest you visit several carpet dealers in your area and make up your own mind for yourself. I am confident that you will recognize that the Carpet Dealers I recommend are honest and reputable and will go the extra mile to earn your business and treat you right!



Where You Buy New Carpet is Important

The simple truth is... even if you make all the right choices, you still need to buy from a Reputable Carpet Dealer who will treat you right... before and after the sale, provide honest measuring, have reasonable prices and provide quality installation services. If any of these aspects are less than excellent, then you stand to lose more than just time and money.


#1) Do Your Carpet Homework! Visit my Sitemap

Read through my entire website. It is filled with everything you need to know about buying new carpet. It's all free with no strings attached. The more you know the more you can save! You want to be happy with your new carpet for many years to come.


#2) Visit my Preferred Carpet Dealers!

If you find a carpet store near you in my directory, please mention The Carpet Professor when you visit! They won't know to give you their absolute best carpet or flooring deal possible unless you tell them I referred you to their store!


#3) Print my Discount Carpet Coupon

(Honored at Participating Dealers)

Please print out my coupon and present it to the salesperson upon arriving at their store. You could save up to $100 off your new carpet purchase.


The Lowest Carpet Price?

If you shop around and get several bids from various carpet retailers, don't automatically buy from the dealer with the lowest bid. While getting the absolute lowest price is important, the lowest price isn't always the best deal if you end up getting low-quality carpet, padding or shoddy installation.



Carpet Prices Too Good to be True?

Many unsuspecting homeowners are lured in by television commercials claiming huge discounts on new carpet and carpet installation or getting three rooms of carpet for the price of one. Folks, the sad fact is, in today's carpet business you will get what you pay for! There is always "fine print" for these great-sounding advertised TV sales offers. 


It is commonly known that unscrupulous retailers overcharge you for the materials then add a fee for each and every little detail your job requires to make up for the discounted installation. If it sounds too good to be true then it is.


I firmly believe that first-class customer service and qualified installation are just as valuable and important as the carpet and padding you select. 


It doesn't matter if you get the lowest price on materials if the installation is done poorly. It also doesn't matter if you get the lowest price if the carpet is poorly made and doesn't meet your needs and goals. 


Buying carpet is confusing, complicated and frustrating. That's why I created this website, to help homeowners make wise and informed carpet choices.



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