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Alan Fletcher - Carpet Expert / Consumer Advocate - Retired after 30 years, do not sell or install carpet.


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Welcome to my free carpet buying website. I've been in the carpet business over 30 years, but I don't sell carpet anymore, I am a third generation carpet expert, author and consumer advocate. 


My free unbiased carpet buying information, personal opinions and advice has been featured and published  in many major newspapers, national magazines, trade papers, websites and newsletters all over the world. 


My passion is helping people just like you discover how to select the right carpet to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget. 


I invite you to read through my site, read all my free carpet buying articles, browse through the Carpet Buying Q & A and e-mail me any carpet questions you may have. 


Buying carpet is not as easy as it used to be, there are many ways to do it wrong and make the costly mistakes.



Free Carpet Articles:


List of Preferred Carpet Dealers  

Find local carpet dealers in your area


Carpet Comparison  

How to compare carpets?


Carpet Styles  

What Carpet Style should you select?


Carpet Fibers  

Selecting the Best Carpet Fiber for you!


Selecting Carpet Wisely  

Saving Time and Money


Before You Shop  

What you need to know before you shop


Accurate Information  

Are they telling you the whole truth?


Carpet Sales Incentives

Honest carpet information?


Carpet Over-Measuring

Carpet Scams, don't get ripped off!


Why is Carpet buying so confusing?

They want you to be dazed and confused!


5 Keys to Carpet Buying Success

You have to get ALL FIVE of these right!


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