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Free Carpet Shopping Form, Installation Checklist, Durability Guide Chart and Discount Coupon

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Save Time and Money! Print my free Carpet Forms, Charts, Guides, Coupons and Checklists


1. Print or View My Free Discount Carpet Coupon pdf file

Get up to $100 OFF New Carpet at Participating Carpet Stores Near You!


2. Print or View My Free Carpet Shopping Form pdf file

Designed to help you make wise and informed Carpet buying choices. (print several copies)


3. Print or View My Free Carpet Buying Checklist pdf file

What you need to do before, during and after you have new carpet installed in your home.


4. Print or View My Free Carpet Durability Guide Chart pdf file

How to quickly determine if the carpet in question is durable enough for your needs.



1. Print or View My Free Discount Coupon (PDF Format)

Carpet Professor Coupon


Notice: It is up to each carpet dealer to decide if they wish to honor this coupon. They may already offer another comparable special or may provide you with another type of discount in lieu of this coupon. This coupon has no cash value and there is no guarantee it will be honored at the carpet dealer you choose to buy from. Minimum 40-yard new carpet purchase required. Discount is for 10% off new carpet only, up to $100 off. (Please present my coupon upon arriving at the store)



2. Print or View My Free Carpet Shopping Form (PDF Format)


Alan's Carpet Shopping Selection Form

I created this handy 24-point form to help you choose new carpet wisely. Visit for more Carpet buying info.


Carpet Dealer ______________________________________City __________________________________________

State _________ Phone______________________________ Salesperson ___________________________________


1. Carpet Brand __________________ 2. Carpet Style Name ___________________3. Color Name _______________

Carpet Specifications

4. Fiber Type:   Nylon  -  P.E.T.  -  Polyester  -  Olefin  -  Sorona/Smartstrand       ______________________________

5. Yarn Face-Weight _____________ (range 25 to 80)

6. Tuft Twist              _____________ (range 3.0 to 9.0)

7. Pile Density          _____________ (range 1000 to 6000)          

8. Carpet Only Price >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $_____________SF


Padding Selection

9. Padding Type – Rebond Foam Rubber Synthetic Fiber

10. Pad thickness – 1/4"  3/8"  7/16"  1/2"   __________     11. Pad Density (in pounds)  4   5   6   7   8      ____________

12. Pad Only Price >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $_____________SF


Installation Information

13. Installation Only Price >>>>>>>>>>>  $____________SF

14. Does this include removal & haul away of old C&P?   Yes  No

15. Will a power stretcher be used during installation?     Yes  No

16. Do you need to have furniture moved?                       Yes  No

17. Are there ANY other installation fees or charges?      Yes  No      18. Additional Installation Cost  $ _____________


19. Now add up the totals from #8, #12 and #1to get your...

20. Total Cost per square foot..............        $__________ Per SF


Your Total Cost

21. Total Square Feet of Carpet Needed:   __________ SF


22.  $ _______    X   _______ SF         = $________________

23. Add Amount from Question #18      + $________________

24. Total Cost for Everything >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  = $ _____________________


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3. Print or View My Free Carpet Installation Checklist (PDF Format)

What you need to do before, during and after you have new carpet installed in your home.




4. Print or View My Free Carpet Durability Chart Guide


I designed this Carpet Durability Chart to help homeowners who are hoping to select the right grade or quality of carpet to meet their needs and goals based on known carpet manufacturing specifications. 

First, locate a carpet you are interested in buying, then obtain all the carpet specifications from your carpet retailer or from other sources. Then use this chart to help determine the level of durability for that carpet. 

Don’t forget to take my Free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to help determine what grade or quality of carpet you need for your home.  Learn more about Carpet Specifications and Durability

Carpet Professor's Carpet Durability Chart

Now add up all your points to determine the general durability level of the carpet you are considering for your home.


Less than 120 = Poor  -  Low Foot-Traffic

120 to 149 = Fair   -  Medium Foot-Traffic

150 to 199 = Good Moderate Foot-Traffic

200 and up = Best  -  Heavy Foot-Traffic

For Entertainment Purposes Only.  ©2021 Alan Fletcher – All Rights Reserved. 



5. Print or View My Residential Carpet Face-Weight Chart


Residential Carpet Face-Weight Chart -

Print as PDF file - Residential Carpet Face-Weight Chart



Check out my hand-picked list of locally-owned 

and Preferred Carpet Dealers near you.


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