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Carpet Wrinkles Explained (Page 5)

Ten Common Causes Revealed!



Most carpet installation warranties are only good for one year. Some are two years and some are forever, depending on the carpet retailer you buy from or the carpet installer you hire. If you think your wrinkles are caused by a poor installation issue, you still need to start by calling the store or contractor who provided the installation service for you.


If you think this may be a possibility, start by contacting the carpet store where you bought your carpet. They need to see your carpet up close in order to know how to proceed with re-stretching your carpet. If they believe the problem is caused by a manufacturing defect they will ask their carpet mill rep to inspect your carpet. If they think it is caused by improper installation they will move in that direction.


Don't expect a miracle. Few homeowners end up with a complete carpet replacement from the manufacturer. They have the option to have the carpet repaired if they think that will suffice. I put little value in new carpet warranties because carpet manufacturers make it very difficult for homeowners to substantiate a valid claim. Even if a claim is approved, most carpet manufacturer’s warranties are quite limited. Have you read your new carpet warranty? It is an eye opening experience.



Carpet Wrinkles? 

Ten Common Causes Revealed!


Cause #9   Manufacturing Defect


warranty badgeSome carpets have a manufacturing defect that is due to a problem with the primary or secondary carpet backing. If the carpet backing does not have enough latex (glue) added to keep the carpet backing stable, then there can be a problem keeping the carpet stretched tight.


A backing de-lamination problem is more likely to be found in lower grade carpets, like apartment or builders’ grade carpets. De-lamination is basically where the carpet backing comes loose and the carpet can lose its stretch over time.


"Ask your carpet installer to roll up all sizable carpet leftovers for you to save. 

They are handy to have in case you need to repair pet damage, burns or stains"


Carpet Installation Warranties 

Most carpet installations are warranted by independent carpet installers for just one-year. If the installer is an employee of the carpet retailer then you will get a one year installation warranty or perhaps longer, and some carpet retailers offer a lifetime carpet installation warranty.


Lifetime means the typical life-span of the carpet, not your lifetime. Either way, you have to act fast or your warranty may run out and leave you holding the bag! It’s not always obvious who may be at fault for your carpet wrinkles and sometimes it may end up being your fault! But if you can determine who is at fault then you may have some recourse. 


Positive proof by means of specific details and photo documentation is often the key to success in getting some recourse, but even with some form of proof, it may be difficult to get the guilty party to agree to accept responsibility for causing your carpet wrinkles.



The Carpet Professor Says...


"Act quickly to avoid additional damage to your carpet. If the manufacturer denies your claim, then you need to have some accurate records and pictures of the carpet before and after to help back up your claim if you need to take it the next level."

If you suspect the carpet installer or the carpet manufacturer is responsible for your carpet wrinkles, then you need to contact the dealer where you purchased the carpet and ask for a carpet inspection.


If after a thorough in-home inspection by the carpet store manager and/or the manufacturer’s representative, they may determine that your carpet was defective or was improperly installed. Then you may have some recourse from the new carpet warranty or the installation warranty provided by the dealer or by the carpet installer. The question now is if the installer was an employee of the carpet dealer or if you hired an independent contractor to do the install.


If it is determined that the installer is at fault, then the installer is allowed the right to inspect the carpet. If he agrees that it was his fault, then he must be given the chance to remedy the problem at no cost to the homeowner. If he disagrees, then you may have to get an independent evaluation by an expert and unbiased certified carpet inspector.


In most cases, with an obvious carpet defect, your claim with the carpet manufacturer will be approved but limited. They may agree to replace a portion of your defective carpet, but only those areas that are affected. You may also be responsible to pay for furniture moving, re-installation costs, time off work and other costs and fees. If you do get some degree of recourse you should feel lucky as most homeowners never get any recourse at all.



Carpet Wrinkles? 

Ten Common Causes Revealed!

Cause #10  Improper Carpet Care

You must follow your carpet manufacturer's carpet cleaning guidelines to the letter if you want to keep you carpet warranty in force. You should hire a professional to clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months. Keep all the sales receipts! Read your carpet warranty and follow the carpet maintenance suggestions to the letter. 


New Carpet Warranty Requirements

It is your responsibility to know which warranty applies to the specific brand and style of carpet you purchased. Most carpet warranties are available online for homeowners to read and download. Be sure to follow all manufacturer guidelines for carpet and maintenance or your warranty may be voided.


5 Warranty Requirements To Know:

1. Keep proof of purchase showing the price you paid for the carpet only, excluding pad and labor.

2. Make sure your carpet is installed according to the

3. Maintain your carpet according to the manufacturer's warranty recommendations.

4. Keep all receipts from required periodic carpet cleanings as proof.

5. Have your carpet professionally cleaned according to the manufacturer's warranty requirements.


Carpet Wrinkles Explained 

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