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Alan's Carpet Foot-Traffic Test 

By Alan J Fletcher - 30-Year Carpet Expert and Trusted Consumer Advocate


Do you have low, medium or heavy foot-traffic in your home?


Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to help determine what Grade of Carpet you should select that can meet all your needs and goals. This is called Carpet Durability. Check out my free Carpet Durability Guide Chart to learn more. You can't choose new carpet wisely unless you select a carpet that is capable of withstanding your home's unique level of foot-traffic. That's why I have created this simple test you can take to help you determine your own level of foot-traffic based on several key variables. 




Test Directions:

To determine your Carpet Foot-Traffic Score, answer all the following questions carefully and then add up all your points:




1. How many adults live in your home?



2. Do you have children, teenagers or pets?



3. Do you entertain or have grandchildren?



4. How often do you vacuum thoroughly? 



5. How often do you have your carpets professionally cleaned?



6. How big is your home?




Now Add Up Your Points to Determine Your Level of Foot-Traffic




10 to 24 points  =  Low Foot Traffic   


25 to 34 points  =  Medium Foot Traffic  


35 to 44 points  =  Moderate Foot Traffic  


45 points & up  =  Heavy Foot Traffic





Check out my free Carpet Durability Guide Chart


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*Disclaimer - The Carpet Foot Traffic Test is for entertainment purposes only.



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