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Ready to Begin Your Carpet Buying Journey?

By Alan Fletcher - 30-year Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate


First, take my Free Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to help determine what Grade of Carpet you need to buy for your home. Then answer the following questions carefully:



1. What is the level of foot traffic in your home? (from your foot-traffic test results) 


Low - Medium - Moderate - Heavy?



2. How long do you want your new carpet to last?  


5 years -  10 years-  15 years -  20 years? 



3. How much carpet do you need?


Sooner or later you may need to have someone come to your home to measure for carpet. Here is where you can encounter a major problem or carpet scam. Measuring for carpet is an art, and few carpet salespeople are well trained at measuring. While some homes are easy to measure, other homes can be quite tricky. You want to make sure that your home is measured accurately so there the least amount of material waste possible. It's important that you are proactive in learning how much carpet you require or you may be overcharged or worse. Learn More: How to Measure for Carpet Yourself!




4. How to Choose the Right Grade of Carpet 


Many homeowners choose their carpet based on color, look, feel and price. However, there are many other important factors that need to be taken into consideration. From start to finish you must make all the right decisions to be successful and satisfied with the final outcome.  Carpet Specifications


Learn more: Carpet Comparison



5. How To Choose the Correct Padding? 


There are many different types of carpet padding and it's important to select the right pad. 


Read more: Choosing the Right Carpet Padding



6. Calculate your Carpet Installation Costs  


Most residential carpet is installed for a fixed amount based on the amount of material required to do the job. A common price per square yard might be $4.50 to $6.50. Looped Berber carpets are more difficult to install and there is usually an up charge of a dollar or two per square yard. You will incur additional installation fees or charges for services beyond the normal scope of carpet installation these include: Stairs, Transitions and Thresholds, Floor Preparation, Furniture Moving, Custom upholstery, Removal and haul away of old carpet & pad and installation... to name just a few of the more common extra fees and charges you might encounter.  


Learn more: Carpet Installation Costs.



7. Adjust Your Carpet Budget 


Now you have all the information you need to calculate a basic idea about how much you need to spend to buy the right grade of carpet for your home. This is the point where most homeowners experience some degree of "Sticker-Shock!" Next take a look at my Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart.  Also, when you visit my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory print out my free discount coupon to get up to $100 off your next purchase!





More Key Carpet Information You Need..


Getting Your New Carpet Installed Properly - Most installers are not properly trained...This means you need to make sure your carpet is installed correctly. I have compiled a lot of useful information to help you.  Finding a Qualified Carpet Installer  Read more: Carpet Installation Cost



How to get a fair & square price on your entire carpet job - Again, you need to buy from a reputable flooring dealer. Start by visiting my Preferred Carpet Dealer Directory.



Important: You must properly maintain your new carpet by:

  1. Vacuuming frequently with a good quality vacuum - Carpet Vacuums

  2. Have it professionally cleaned every other year by a Certified Carpet Cleaner

  3. Spot clean as necessary using approved methods only.

  4. Retain all maintenance and cleaning receipts - Read your carpet warranty.

  5. Follow all the Manufacturer's Carpet Care and Maintenance Instructions to the letter.


"You must choose the right Grade of Carpet that is designed to tolerate YOUR unique level of foot traffic for the length of time you desire."



This sounds easy, but as you will soon discover... Choosing the right carpet is NOT easy or simple. Buying new carpet today is more complicated and confusing than ever, even for seasoned and experienced homeowners who have purchased new carpet many times in the past!



Carpet ProfessorThe Carpet Professor Says...  


Where NOT to Buy New Carpet: Where you buy carpet is a major factor because not all carpet retailers have your best interests in mind,  and some carpet retailers should be avoided at all costs! Buying new carpet wisely starts with knowing how to select the right grade of carpet for your home! 


The last thing you want to do is buy the wrong grade of carpet and have it wear-out in a hurry. There are many other key factors for you to consider including - Selecting the correct padding; obtaining qualified installation; and getting a good price!


Learn more about  Best & Worst Places to Buy New Carpet


My years of hands-on experience and ongoing research has revealed that fewer than 14% of consumers make ALL the right Carpet choices from start to finish. The other 86% either spend too much, choose the wrong materials, end up with installation problems or  unhappy in some way with their Carpet Buying Experience. 


Learn How to Avoid Costly Carpet Buying Mistakes... I have a list of Common Carpet Complaints from homeowners who bought new Carpet and why they ended up unhappy with the outcome.  


What can go wrong with your Carpet purchase you ask? Plenty! Read more about homeowners who didn't do their Carpet homework and paid a high price for their poor choices! Read more: Costly Homeowner Carpet Buying Mistakes





Learn How To Avoid Common Carpet Scams...  


There are plenty of Carpet scams to watch out for. The best way to avoid carpet scams is to buy from a locally owned, honest and reputable carpet dealer. I find they offer much better customer service both before and after the sale. Buying carpet or flooring from a nationally advertised retail conglomerate like Empire Today or Big Box home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's may be tempting due to their television advertising gimmicks, but I think they should be avoided. Learn the truth about $37 Carpet Installation specials or similar.



How Much Do I Need to Spend to Get the Quality I Require? 


New Carpet is way more costly today than most homeowners expect so don't be shocked when you see the prices. You don't want to spend too little and have it wear out too fast and you don't want to spend more than necessary to get the grade of carpet you require. Take a look at my Carpet and Pad Pricing Chart to get a good idea about how much you need to spend on new carpet that is "Just Right" to meet your needs and goals! Expert Carpet buying information for homeowners, how to choose carpet wisely, save money and avoid scams!



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