- How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro!

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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How to Avoid Common Carpet Scams?


Let me start by saying that there are plenty of locally-owned honest and reputable Carpet & Flooring Dealers to choose from in most towns and cities. However, there may not be a reputable flooring retailer near where you live. This means you might need to drive a little further to do business with a Carpet store that will serve your needs best.

How to determine if carpet dealer is honest and reputable.

The problem for most homeowners is knowing the difference between a reputable Carpet store and a dishonest Carpet retailer that should be avoided at all cost. I can help you choose wisely.


You can't tell just by looking at the outside of a flooring retailer or even while shopping on the inside of any carpet or flooring store you visit. Are their prices fair and square? Do they have qualified installers? Are their salespeople knowledgeable about the products they sell? These are questions you cannot answer unless YOU are knowledgeable about the flooring products you are in the market to purchase for your home!


You need to be knowledgeable about the whole floor buying process to be able to recognize the Carpet and Flooring rip-offs and con-artists. Getting more than just one or two bids or estimates is the best way to comparison shop and help you weed out the bad dealers that you need to avoid.



Most online Carpet and Flooring information is wrong, misleading or incomplete.

Homeowners who are in need of new carpet or flooring are often misinformed, mislead, overcharged or sold the wrong flooring materials for their needs or lifestyle. The problem is, there are just too many flooring salespeople that are willing to tell you just about anything in order to persuade you to buy from them. Many flooring salespeople are not well trained and lack current product information. There is a lot of employee turnover in the business. 


Store owners often hire salespeople who have sales experience, but little or no carpet or flooring product knowledge. Most carpet salespeople are paid on commission. For them, no sale means no pay, and the need to make money can easily cause many salespeople to sacrifice integrity. That means they may tell you what you want to hear even if it is not true, just to make the sale.


It's a sad fact that many consumers agree to buy a carpet or flooring product that they know little or nothing about. They may be able to recall how much they paid for their new flooring, but they often have no idea what grade or quality level of the product they have selected.


Very few homeowners have adequate knowledge about the carpet, padding or flooring product they purchased to know whether or not it will endure their needs and lifestyle or longevity expectations. It doesn't take long for most homeowners to discover that the product they selected will not endure their level of foot-traffic and be able to last as long as anticipated.


In fact, most homeowners expect their new carpet to last for at least ten years but often find it fails to retain a "like-new appearance" for more than three years.


When it comes to flooring products like luxury vinyl tile, vinyl planks or natural or engineered wood, choosing wisely can help homeowners save thousands and still get decades of use from a beautiful and durable flooring. Where to buy new carpet or flooring? See who I recommend near you!



Choosing New Carpet Like a Pro!

Carpet is not made the same as it was 40-50 years ago. They made all carpets the same way, heavy duty! There were basically three grades of carpet back then; Good, better and best! The lowest grade carpet could easily last 10-20 years or more before it would begin to wear out. Even today we are still removing these old carpets that were installed in the 1960's and 1970's. 


These carpets made in the 50's and 60's were made with a heavy-gauge nylon fiber and they all wore like iron. All homeowners had to do was give them a good steam cleaning once in a while and the carpet would bounce back looking almost like-new again and again, year after year!


You can still buy carpets made of heavy-gauge Nylon but the style and color options are limited and the cost is high! If this is what you want, you must make it clear to the salesperson or else they will try to sell you a carpet made of something else that won't hold up to heavy foot traffic. Nylon is the most durable synthetic carpet fiber available.


"Carpet & Flooring products are manufactured to meet the needs for virtually every application and budget!"


Carpet manufacturers make at least 12 different qualities or grades of carpet to choose from, but the trick for homeowners is knowing which grade of carpet to buy to meet their needs, goals, lifestyle and budget!


Read more about Carpet Cost & Comparison



Carpet Grades

  1. There are at least three basic grades of low-end carpets designed for apartments. These are designed to last 3 to 5 years. The lowest apartment- grade carpet is so thin you can almost read a newspaper through it.

  2. There are at least six medium-grade carpet qualities for those who want a carpet to last for 5 to 15 years.

  3. There are at least three high-end grades for those who want their carpet to last 15 to 20 years or more and are willing to pay dearly for it. 


That's over 12 various grades of carpet, but actually there are many more. Choosing the wrong grade is the biggest mistake you can make. Why? Because the carpet you buy must meet your needs and goals or you will not get the results that you desire. Why spend thousands on a carpet that won't last and wears out in a hurry? Why spend thousands on a carpet that wears out prematurely? On the other side of the coin, why spend more than you need to? If you want a carpet to last for only 5 years you shouldn't spend more than is necessary to achieve that.


The trick is knowing how to determine which carpet can do the best job for you at the lowest price. Few carpet salespeople are going to know this information or offer it to you. They just want to make the most commission from the sale and will applaud any selection you make whether it is a good choice for your application or not. Now please remember, not all carpet stores are unscrupulous and sly or have untrained salespeople. There are plenty of reputable carpet stores to buy from. You just don't know which ones are honest and which ones are dishonest.


Would you consider driving a little farther to make sure your flooring purchase was done right from start to finish the first time at a fair and square price? What if you could save $100 to $500 on your flooring purchase by driving 20 miles to visit a reputable carpet and flooring store? Would it be worth it to you? Where to Buy New Carpet? See who I recommend near you!







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