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What Causes Carpet to Wrinkle? (4)

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Moisture and humidity can quickly cause your carpet to wrinkle.


Some locations across America are prone to excessive moisture and humidity. Many folks are forced to use a sump pump or use humidifiers to control the problems caused by excessive moisture or humidity. 


Basements are notorious for causing carpets to wrinkle and cause other serious issues like mold and mildew.



Do You Have Gutter or Downspout Leaks?


Sometimes excessive moisture in your home is caused by improperly installed gutters or downspouts. If your downspouts fail to deflect the rainwater far enough away from your homes foundation, then water can pool under your home, especially if there is a crawlspace, or if water can collect under your concrete slab.


Sometimes only during a heavy rain will the gutters fail to perform adequately and the problem can be difficult to detect. In this case, it can be the cause of moisture that can become the cause of your carpet wrinkles.


It doesn’t take but one or two heavy rains to cause significant moisture to collect underneath your home’s crawlspace or under your concrete slab. By the time warmer weather arrives and the moisture finally evaporates up and throughout your home, your carpet will have lost its stretch and some ugly wrinkles will have shown up. 


By the time you finally realize there is a problem and begin your investigation, the rain water may be long gone and you may never discover what really caused your carpets to wrinkle.



“The Carpet Professor Says”  


It’s easy to be proactive. Simply gear up with some wet weather shoes, warm clothing and a big umbrella and head outside during a few heavy rains you experience in the fall, winter and springtime and take a good look at how well your gutters and downspouts are performing around your home.


Look for obvious signs of overflows and areas of standing water that may collect near and around your foundation. Make sure that all the rainwater is deflected far enough away from your home and drain properly so it does not flow back and end up collecting underneath your home. 


Call in a professional if necessary to fix any moisture issues you find. It will save you time and money to have a pro take care of the gutter issue and the job will be done right the first time.


If you are handy, it’s usually not difficult or costly to fix your downspout problems yourself. Lowe’s and Home Depot both carry products designed to deal with common gutter and downspout problems. I still suggest you call in a pro to get a free estimate for the work that needs to be done.


Why Do Carpets Wrinkle - Reason #7


Spills and Urine Accidents - Active Children, Teens or Pets


If you have active kids, teens or pets, or if your pets have occasional wet accidents, then you will likely have no hope from your new carpet warranty if you develop wrinkles in your carpet. It’s a well known fact that kids teens and pets are very hard on carpets with constant running, jumping spilling and such.



No carpet is designed to tolerate what they call “Carpet Abuse” and this is a common situation that applies especially if you have pets that urinate on the carpet. Once they come and look at your carpet and application, your new carpet warranty will likely be deemed null and void!


Vomit, urine and feces are expressly excluded from most all new carpet warranties. Have stairs? Most carpet warranties exclude wear and tear on stairs. In these situations, it is highly doubtful you will have a warranty claim approved. In some circumstances, even the brand or type of vacuum you use can instantly void your new carpet warranty! Read your new carpet warranty completely before you buy any new carpet!



Why Do Carpets Wrinkle - Reason #8


Carpet Cleaning Issues


Have you had your carpet cleaned recently? This could be part of your wrinkling problem! Some carpet cleaning businesses hire people with little or no carpet cleaning experience at all. Sure, they may put these people through a quick crash course about how to clean carpet, but more often they are taught more about how to sell you additional products and services they offer.


Water is the number one enemy of carpet and padding, especially Berber carpet styles. So if your carpet cleaning technician applies too much water, or does not extract enough of the hot steam cleaning solution, then your carpets will be “over-wetted”.


Carpets are supposed to be steamed cleaned from the carpet backing up. Not below the backing and into the pad. It’s only the carpet fibers that need cleaning about every 18 months. This is required maintenance to keep your new carpet warranty in force. Read your carpet warranty.


If they over-wet your carpets, then your carpet and padding will take way too long to dry and mold and mildew can quickly form under your carpet and even into and underneath your padding. When this happens, your carpets will lose their “stretch” and wrinkles will eventually develop gradually as the latex in the carpet backing deteriorates.


Even if you know for sure that the carpet cleaning company you hired has soaked your carpet and pad, it is almost impossible to get them to accept responsibility for causing your carpet to develop wrinkles – especially since the wrinkles won’t show up right away. The wrinkles usually develop gradually in just a few areas over the period of a few weeks.


During this time you might have noticed a slight mildew odor when you vacuum or when you return home after being away for a few days. However, you will soon become nose-blind to the mildew smell and won’t notice it at all. But others who visit you might notice it but likely won’t say anything to you about it, that is, unless you ask! Nobody wants to tell you that your home smells like mold or mildew!



“The Carpet Professor Says”  


If your home smells musty, you might want to look under the carpet and padding where wrinkles have formed to see how serious the moisture problem is. Mold and mildew can cause serious health issues. If you find mold or mildew under your carpet and pad, you need to take positive action, and remove all the affected materials in a responsible manner. You might need to hire a professional to deal with removing all the affected materials properly.



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