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"Thank you for writing such an informative book and decoding the carpet buying process. This is the most useful book with great practical advice I have ever come across.  Right at the time of commencing our carpet buying process we found your website and e-book, which made this process very simple and fun for us. After reading your book we felt well informed and comfortable to make a pick not entirely based on looks, which we would have done had we not found your e-book. We are now confident that we are making a more appropriate choice for our family." - V.G. in Virginia


You will Discover...

  • How to Select the Correct Padding (The Heartbeat of Your Carpet!)

  • How to get Qualified Installation (Done Right the First Time!)

  • How to keep your Carpet Warranty in Force (it's NOT as Easy as it Sounds!)

  • How to make your new Carpet last years longer! (Little-known Tricks & Tips)


Learn the Truth about the Carpet Business! 

(Note: This is closely-guarded insider information you won't learn from any other source.)


I'll show you how to spend less and get more for your hard-earned dollar! If you are in the market for new carpet anytime soon, you need my Carpet Buying Guide to give you the "professional" edge that you need to make wise and informed choices. Don't believe what you read on the internet about selecting and buying new carpet, it's seldom honest, accurate or complete information. 


Learn About Carpet Choices:


You MUST choose your new carpet based on YOUR OWN special and unique circumstances that only apply to you, your family and your home. You need to make some very difficult decisions about your needs and goals. Choosing new carpet is serious business! 


Interesting Fact: After you read my Carpet Buying Guide, YOU will know MORE about choosing Carpet than most salespeople you will encounter!



From a Satisfied Reader:

Alan, Thanks for the informative ebook. I had been shopping for carpet for months and with all the confusion provided by the sales people I was unable to determine who really had the best deal for me. Then I found your website purchased your ebook, read it the same day, and went back to the stores. The sales guys weren't ready for my new found knowledge and they had to refer me to their store manager because they didn't have the experience to answer my questions about what they were trying to sell me.  Thanks to you, I ended up getting a great deal and peace of mind knowing that the carpet I have is good quality. Thanks from Tim in Florida. 



You Also Get  TWO FREE Bonus Downloads!


Bonus #1: 

60 Common Carpet Questions & Answers 

In PDF Format

Instantly Download and read through more than 60 Common Carpet Buying Questions & Answers! Save Time, Save Money and Avoid Headaches! This is a collection of Carpet Questions submitted by homeowners like you and fully answered by Alan Fletcher aka "The Carpet Professor".  It's an eye opening experience!


Bonus #2: 

Alan's Carpet Durability Guide 

In PDF Format


A Fantastic Bonus! You can instantly view and print out my most powerful carpet selection tool. 


This chart was created based on my 30+ years of carpet knowledge and experience to help make sure you select the right Grade of Carpet that is able to meet or beat your carpet needs, goals and lifestyle. 


You should take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test before you use my Carpet Durability Guide to determine the level of foot traffic you have in your home.

Here's a sneak peak at my Carpet Durability Guide. After you order my Carpet Buying Guide you can download and print out the full-size version instantly!


About Carpet Quality:


Some carpets are only designed to last three years and some are so well-made that they can last for thirty years or more... That's why you MUST know how to select a carpet that is designed and capable of withstanding YOUR level of Foot Traffic; for the Length of Time you Require; and for a Price you can afford. Then and only then should you focus in on finding the perfect style and color that you prefer! 


Choosing the right carpet is not easy to do unless you know exactly how to decode and unravel all the conflicting & confusing carpet information you will find (or NOT find) online or in any retail carpet store you visit. My Carpet Buying Guide makes it simple and easy for you! (instant download!)


Learn all About Padding & Installation too:


"It is absolutely critical that you choose the correct Type and Grade of Padding and make sure everything you purchase is installed by a qualified installer."


Then there's the issue of selecting the right pad and getting qualified installation! Both are absolutely critical to the lifespan of your new carpet. Get either of these areas wrong and you stand to lose up to HALF of the intended life span of your new carpet! I'll show you how to make sure your new carpet is installed right the first time!


"There are Dozens of Common Carpet Scams and Retailer Rip-Offs You Need to know how to Avoid!"


Most Carpet Warranty Claims Are Denied!


Manufacturer's Carpet warranties are not worth much anymore. They just don't cover most of the problems that homeowners usually encounter. Carpet makers word their warranties in such a way as to make it very difficult to substantiate a valid claim. That having been said, there are many things you are required to do to keep the carpet manufacturer's warranty in force. I will help prepare you in advance and remind you to take the necessary steps to help substantiate a valid carpet warranty claim should the need arise. Don't go it alone, you need professional advice and guidance when it comes to understanding and maintaining your new carpet warranty. 


Learn  About Proper Carpet Care & Maintenance!

(What They Don't Want You To Know)


Somewhere hidden deep inside their confusing carpet warranty they all to often conveniently forget to provide to you, is the carpet care and maintenance requirements you need to follow to keep your warranty in force. How well you care for and maintain your new carpet will help determine how long it will last. Follow my carpet care advice and your new carpet will last longer and keep looking like-new as long as possible! Buying new carpet should be fun and exciting, not confusing and frustrating. Let me help you and be your professional guide. 


Alan Fletcher - author

Alan's Complete


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"Thank you for your advice on buying carpeting.  Your ebook has helped me deal with the overwhelming choices" - Ben

"I purchased your book a few months ago and am glad I did. Thanks for your insights and advice" – Sarah


"I purchased your Carpet Buying Guide a couple of months ago and really learned a great deal from it" – Sharon


"I have read your book inside and out and I truly appreciate it!"  - Patty


"We purchased your e-book and my wife has been going through it to digest all the information. Thank you for all your help and information contained in your publication"  – Al Barkan


"I bought your ebook this week and it has been a great help"  – Scott


"Thank you for the phone conversation the other day, it was most helpful as well as your guide" – Bill


"Thanks for putting together such a great web site and EBook for consumer-oriented carpet information. I was bewildered when we started looking for new carpet, but thanks to you I am starting to feel like I know what I am doing" – Jeff


"Thanks for the great info in your ebook. I read it, took good notes, and  headed for the carpet stores" – Ken


"We purchased your online book , lots of good advice!" – Susan


"Your ebook without a doubt saved me hundreds of dollars, let alone not allowing me to buy a cheap made carpet. I found out, without your ebook, you more or less go carpet shopping and are at the mercy of the carpet salespeople selling you what they want to sell you rather than them selling you what you want to buy. Thanks a million, or should I say "hundreds" - Ken Palmer


"Your book was a great reference 4 years ago when we replaced carpet in the basement" – Michael


"I have enjoyed your book, it has helped me a lot" - Bruce


"My husband and I purchased your E-Book and have appreciated all the info" –Jessica


"Thank you so much for writing The Complete Carpet Buying Guide. I ordered it over the weekend and eagerly read every page.  I learned so much, and I'm grateful to you for making this valuable information available to us. - Carolyn


"Thanks so much.  It's great to be able to get some accurate information from someone who really knows their stuff" - Judy


"I read your ebook and I must say that I did learn quite a bit about carpet" – Bob


"Good eBook, very informative" – Don

"I found your website this a.m. and I'm very happy that there are still good folk out there that is as helpful as you.  Thank you!"  - Donna


"Thank you for all the great information"  – Sarah


"Your book just saved me!  I was pressuring my wife to buy Berber carpet for our family of 4 (and growing). She asked me to research it and I found your ebook.  What a great help it is!" – Victor


"I have studied the information on your website and purchased your e-book.  Thanks for the wealth of information.  It has helped immensely to educate me before making a carpet purchase.  Much of the information I could not find anywhere else" – Larry




How To Contact Alan:

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