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Nylon Carpet Cost & Longevity - Carpet Quality

By Alan J Fletcher - 30-year Carpet Expert and Consumer Advocate



Let's take a look at the Typical Cost for residential carpet made from a Nylon Fiber and estimate How Long it Might Last based on the Grade or Quality of Carpet you Select and Your Level of Foot-Traffic.


Bear in mind that there are many many grades of Nylon and not all grades are considered in this basic Carpet Cost vs Longevity scenario, but you can still get a good idea of what to expect. 


Also, don't forget to take my Carpet Foot-Traffic Test to see what grade of carpet you might need to buy. You want to buy the right Grade or Quality of carpet so you don't spend to little or too much to get a carpet that can meet your needs and goals.




Do You Have...

  • Low Foot Traffic? 

  • Medium Foot Traffic?

  • Heavy Foot Traffic?


Apartment-Grade Carpet


Most homeowners don't buy apartment-grade carpet unless they have a good reason. If your kids or pets are accident prone you might not want to spend a lot on new carpet, so going with an apartment-grade carpet might be a wise choice for now. The same is true for those who are selling their home soon and just want the home to "show" better. In some cases, an apartment-grade carpet may be all you want to spend right now to freshen up the place. Apartment-grade carpets have a low Tuft-Twist Rating of 3 or 4, and Low Pile-Density Rating. It's easy to see the backing if you dig your fingers into the pile. 

  • Specifications - 24 to 28 ounce face-weight, made from 100% Nylon fiber; typically Plush or textured plush styles, or sculptured (hi-low) styles. 

  • Average Longevity - Low traffic 5-years,  Medium traffic 4-years,  Heavy traffic 3-years.

  • Total Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - Range $14 to $18 per square yard.

  • Learn More About: Apartment & Rental Property Carpet



Builder-Grade Carpet


Buying a new home?  New home builders are not known for putting in top quality carpets. In fact they usually plan on putting in the cheapest carpet they can find and then offer the home buyer the option of a "carpet upgrade". The upgraded carpet has a little more face-weight and maybe some addition colors to choose from. In most cases opting for the upgraded carpet is not worth the additional cost. Builder-grade carpets are not a lot better than an apartment-grade carpet but might yield a extra year or two of use.


  • Specifications - 28 to 35 ounce face-weight, 100% Nylon fiber. Typically Plush or Textured Plush styles. 

  • Average Longevity - Low traffic 8-years,  Medium traffic-6 years,  Heavy traffic-4 years.

  • Total Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - $16 to $20 per square yard 

  • Learn More: What Makes One Carpet Better Than Another?

  • Learn more: Selecting the Right Carpet Pad



Upgraded Residential Carpet


Medium-Grade carpets fall somewhere between builder-grade carpets and High-end carpets and this covers a wide range of possibilities for carpet styles and colors. Most homeowners want their carpet to last at least 10 years or more and this is the grade level of carpet that can easily deliver that amount of longevity. Of course, the better the specifications, the more durable and long-lasting your carpet will be. Carpet Specifications Explained

  • Specifications - 30 to 45 ounce face-weight, 100% Nylon BCF fiber. 

  • Tuft Twist of at least 5, Pile Height of less than 1" inch is best. 

  • Various styles including, Plush, Saxony, Frieze, Cut & Loop, Berber

  • Average Longevity - Low traffic 10-years,  Medium traffic-8 years,  Heavy traffic-6 years.

  • Total Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - $20 to $28 per yard

  • Learn more: Carpet Styles

  • How to Care for Your New Carpet



High Quality Residential Carpet


Some homeowners want to buy a carpet that will last a long long time and only a Nylon carpet is able to tolerate heavy traffic and maintain its like new appearance the longest. A tuft twist rating of at least 5.5 or more, a pile height less than 3/4" and a high density rating is the key to a long lasting carpet. Of course proper care and maintenance pays a huge part of this equation too. 


Learn more Carpet Specifications Explained


  • Specifications - 40 to 60 ounce face-weight, Nylon BCF fiber. 

  • Various styles including: Plush, Saxony, Frieze, Cut & Loop, Berber, Patterned Cut & Loop styles.

  • Average Longevity - Low traffic 25-years,  Medium traffic-20 years,  Heavy traffic-15 years.

  • Total Cost for Carpet, Pad & Installation - $28 to $55 per yard.

  • Learn more: Selecting the Right Carpet Pad


Check out my FREE Carpet Durability Chart and Guide


What is BCF?

BCF stands for Bulked Continuous Filament. Unless you enjoy vacuuming, you probably want to buy a carpet made from a Continuous Filament fiber. The word “Bulked” refers to a process where the manufacturer makes the strand of fiber beefed up, or bulked to create a fatter and more beefy feel. Think of it like using a volumizer on your hair, it makes it feel thicker and fuller.  


The letters “CF” or Continuous Filament, means the strand is formed or “extruded”  in one long continuous strand.  When they make carpet from a CF fiber is virtually eliminates the shedding and fuzzing that you experience with a carpet made from a Staple Fiber.


A staple fiber is short lengths of fiber, usually 3 to 10 inches long, that are spun together. When carpet is made from a staple fiber, the carpet will shed and fuzz for up to a year after installation. Unless you like vacuuming three times a day, I suggest you be sure to buy a carpet made from a Continuous Filament Fiber. 


If the carpet sample does not indicate that the fiber is made from a Continuous Filament strand, then you can assume that the carpet pile is made from staple fibers and therefore will shed and fuzz for a period of time after installation. The amount and duration of shedding and fuzzing is determined by the quality of the carpet and the length of the staple fibers used in construction. 



How Much Carpet Do You Really Need?


Carpet Measuring Scams are common. You need to be sure you get accurate measuring or you stand to lose hundreds. This can be a simple rough measure you can do yourself or an accurate measure done by a hired professional.


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