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2021 by Alan Fletcher - 30-year Carpet Veteran


Free Unbiased Carpet Buying Information for Homeowners.

Savvy homeowners are searching the internet looking for honest answers about how to buy new carpet wisely, but unfortunately you can't always trust what you read online or depend on what a commissioned salespeople may tell you - A good rule of thumb: Don't automatically trust the advice of anyone who is "in the business" to sell you carpet. 


Even though the internet is full of free carpet information from many sources, most of what you might read online about how to select the right carpet is misleading, incorrect or incomplete. It's what they don't tell you about choosing new carpet that can hurt you. Selecting the right grade of carpet is the most important factor to consider, yet most carpet salespeople focus in on the amount you can afford to pay. 


CarpetProfessor.com is the best online source for free & unbiased carpet buying information and advice for homeowners.



 Over 30-years of "Hands-On" Carpet Experience. 

  • I'm a third generation carpet expert. I have personally sold and installed virtually all major carpet brands, styles & grades. I've learned the carpet business from the inside out and that means you have access to all my carpet "insider" experience and knowledge that goes back in my family over 60 years!


I Don't Sell or Install Carpet Anymore.

  • This means I won't make a dime from your Carpet purchase - no matter where you buy Carpet. I've created a special list of over 400 locally owned & reputable Carpet dealers that I recommend nationwide. See who I recommend near you


A Trusted Consumer Advocate Since 1998.

  • I may be retired from the Carpet business but I'm not dead! I have been very active helping tens of thousands of homeowners choose new Carpet wisely over the past 18 years. There's no need for you to fall victim to the tricks & tactics of sneaky Carpet dealers and ruthless salespeople who don't care about you. I'm here to help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make sense of all the Carpet confusion and chaos in today's flooring marketplace.



What Will You Learn On My Website?

  1. How to choose the right Carpet style for you.

  2. What quality level or "grade" of Carpet you require.

  3. How much you need to spend to get the job done right the first time.

  4. How to have your Carpet installed properly.

  5. How to get accurate Carpet measurements. 

  6. How to care for your Carpet to keep your warranty in force

  7. How to avoid common Carpet scams & rip-offs.

  8. How to find a reputable locally-owned Carpet dealer.

  9. How to save hundreds on your next Carpet purchase.

  10. And it's all totally free. 



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Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers


It's getting hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I have built my own special list of hand-picked carpet retailers who are locally owned, give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers. It doesn't get any better than that! See who I recommend near you!


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A Common Carpet Buying Nightmare


For several years, George and Mary had been saving up to buy the perfect new carpet now that all their kids were grown and out on their own. What was supposed to be an exciting event for George and Mary was about to turn into a costly and time consuming nightmare.


When George and Mary finally decided to buy carpet from a large carpet retailer, they thought they had it all planned out perfectly. They thought they knew what they were doing. They took their time and looked at lots of carpet samples and visited several carpet dealers before they made their final choice.

It was early April when George and Mary decided to start shopping for new carpet for their three-bedroom split-level home. Raising three kids and several pets through the years had taken its toll on their existing carpet and padding. There were several "bad" areas around the house where their old cat had urinated and nothing they tried could remove the stains and odor. Their cat had recently passed away from old age so they thought the time was finally right to get new carpet installed.


Together they visited several carpet stores around town and finally found the perfect color and style they were looking for at the local home improvement warehouse. The total price was a bit higher than they had hoped but they were getting tired from looking at dozens of colors and styles and were eager make their final choice. They liked the fact that the retailer was running a $199 special on installation for the whole house. Their salesperson said that it would take about three weeks for their new carpet to arrive.


George and Mary's new carpet was scheduled for installation on May 5th. On the afternoon of May 4th George had his two sons come over to help him move all the furniture out of the way so the carpet could be installed the next day. Most of the larger furniture had to be moved outside on the deck and some placed into the garage. 


The threat of rain forced them to buy plastic sheeting to cover everything put outside so it wouldn't get wet. The kitchen and main bath were filled with smaller items so dinner that night was delivered pizza and in the morning breakfast would just be doughnuts and coffee.


The carpet installers were supposed to show up first thing in the morning but as of 9am they had not shown up. Finally about 10am  Mary decided to call the carpet store to find out what was going on...



Read the rest of the story... George and Mary's Carpet Buying Nightmare




















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