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Stainmaster Carpet DisplaySecrets to Choosing New Carpet Wisely

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How to Select Carpet to Meet Your Needs, Goals and Lifestyle...

There are literally thousands of different types and styles of carpet to choose from, and it's overwhelming to all of us. Just because a carpet looks great and feels nice to your hand or underfoot doesn't mean it is good quality or it is durable! More about Carpet Specifications


Carpet Professor CapWhat Carpet Style Should I Select?    

How To Select the Best Carpet Fiber?


Every homeowner has different needs, goals and expectations. You want your carpet to last a long time, look good for decades, resist stains, be in your price range and clean easily. That's hard to find these days without some serious help.


Buying new carpet can be very confusing and frustrating and time-consuming. You must be patient and take the time to learn about carpet before you buy. 


WHY? Because some carpets are made poorly or with poor quality materials and can quickly appear worn-out and the pile can mat down, especially in main walkways and traffic lanes. 


Lower grade carpets can quickly develop flattened out paths or "trails" in common traffic lanes. Many carpets stain easily or will begin to look soiled or dingy within a few months and may be difficult or seemingly impossible to keep clean!


You cannot afford to make the wrong carpet choice as so many unsuspecting homeowners do. I want to help you make wise and informed choices. Looking for help or advice in a retail carpet store? Don't base your decisions solely on the advice of any one carpet salesperson, as many are poorly trained, lack "hands-on" experience or may not have your best interests in mind. (Trust me on this one, I'll tell you more about this problem later) Buying from a reputable carpet dealer is very important. 



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Roll of Rebond Carpet PaddingHow to Select the Correct Carpet Padding

Choosing the wrong padding can cut the life-span of your new carpet in HALF, and may quickly cause wrinkles to develop in your carpet and this will void the manufacturers warranty. You should not rely solely on any retail carpet salesperson to make the correct padding choice for you. They often don't know what is required or may try to sell you the most expensive item. 



According to the carpet manufacturer, it is your responsibility to know and purchase the correct padding is for the carpet you have selected.  (You can't blame the butcher for the cut of meat you select)  I can help you make sure you make the right choice. Learn more: Selecting the Right Carpet Pad



Carpet Professor CapThe Secret to Getting Quality Carpet Installation

As many as four of five Carpet Installers are NOT properly trained or qualified to install your new carpet. Installing carpet requires using proper installation tools and procedures designed to keep your warranty in force. Is your carpet installer using a "Power Stretcher" to install your new carpet? This is absolutely critical! You must be sure to get qualified carpet installation. 


Why? Because carpet installed improperly can cause wrinkles to develop in less than a year! Wrinkles make your carpet wear out super fast and is very costly to repair! Let me show you how to be sure your new carpet is installed right the first time. Get this critical aspect wrong and you may quickly lose your total carpet investment. 


Learn the tricks to carpet installation: Carpet Installation Costs & Fees



Carpet Professor CapHow to be sure you get the absolute Best Carpet Price

Why pay more than you need to! Let me show you how to get a great price on the materials and labor. Finding a good deal on carpet, padding and installation is getting harder every day, and it all boils down to "who" you buy from, and the choices you make. 


There used to be hundreds of smaller high-quality carpet manufacturers. In the past 30 years many smaller carpet mills have been bought up by the big three giant carpet mills like Mohawk, Shaw and Beaulieu. These 3 giant carpet manufacturers often make buying carpet more confusing, more complicated and more expensive for homeowners especially for those who fail to do their homework.


The Carpet Padding manufacturers are doing the same thing. 

The smaller padding companies are being bought out, and the big pad companies are creating newfangled products to get consumers to dig deeper into their pockets for products they may not need. They have odor eating pads, moisture barrier pads, anti-microbial pads and many more. They want you to pay more and get less. Buying a costly carpet padding that they say will increase the length of your carpet warranty is also a potential scam you need to be wary of. Learn where NOT to Buy Carpet & Flooring.


Carpet Professor CapCarpet Installation Costs

Big-box carpet retailers are well-known for adding extra charges to their "basic carpet Installation services" so if you are unaware, you might end up paying twice as much or more, as you were initially led to believe for carpet or flooring installation because they will charge you extra for every little service they perform in your home. Extra for removing your old carpet and padding; extra for tack strip; extra for stairs; extra for transitions and so on... 


This is especially true if you purchase your new carpet or flooring from Home Improvement stores like Lowe's and Home Depot and many other nationally advertised shop-at-home carpet retailers. Don't fall for those never-ending commercials on TV from national corporations like Empire Today and others... See which carpet dealers / retailers I Recommend Near You



Protect Yourself from Shoddy Workmanship and Legal Problems

Watch Out For Undocumented Workers or anyone working on your property not covered by a valid Worker's Compensation Policy. If they get hurt on the job, you may be held responsible!


40 years ago... Carpet installers were called craftsmen and were very well trained. The flooring profession was highly regarded and handed-down from father to son. Not anymore! You never know what level of professional training installers have, if any, and if they are qualified to properly install the flooring product you have selected. 


The problem for homeowners surfaces when one of these uninsured workers suffers an injury while working on your property. When this happens, You, the homeowner may be liable to pay for all medical treatment for the worker and pay hefty state or local fees, fines or damages from negligence or even worse, should a lawsuit be filed or law enforcement agencies get involved.



Seek professional legal advice

If you are unsure about your rights or responsibilities regarding hiring independent flooring installation contractors, seek professional legal advice. You do not want to hire undocumented workers or those who do not have a valid worker's compensation policy. Learn more about How to Verify a Contractor's License and what you need to know about the Worker's Compensation Policy.


Are YOU Ready to Buy New Carpet Wisely?


 Take this Simple Test to Find Out! 


Here are three different residential-grade carpets, all similar in many ways but each have some differences in how they are made. Your task: Take a careful look at all the Carpet Specifications below and then answer the following 5 questions. Don't consider the carpet colors or the carpet appearance in your decisions, just use the carpet specifications and the price









Tuft Twist






Textured Cut Pile

Textured Saxony












Magic Fresh ®

Face Weight




Pile Density




Fiber Brand

Stainmaster Xtra Life® Nylon 6.6


Anso 6.0

Fiber Content

Luxurell® Soft Nylon

Sorona / PTT

PET Polyester

Price per SF

$2.99 sf

$2.49 sf

$2.29 sf


Learn more about Carpet Specifications



Now Try to Answer These 5 Questions...

  1. Which Carpet would be best for Kids & Pets?

  2. Which Carpet would be the Most Durable?

  3. Which Carpet would Wear Out the Fastest?

  4. Which Carpet offers the Most Value?

  5. Which Carpet would You Choose for Your Home?


Learn more about Carpet Specifications


If you find this simple test difficult, just wait until you are looking at dozens of carpet samples with limited information available to you.  That's why so many homeowners make costly carpet buying mistakes.



 See My Carpet Test Answers  



















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